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How to Archive Emails in Office 365?

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  • Published on:  May 14th, 2022
  • Updated on:  May 17, 2022
  • Read Time:  6 minutes

Office 365 is a version of the Microsoft Office Suite. This software is a subscription-based program that allows its subscribers to access and manage emails. It is one of the best tools provided by Microsoft for organizations that deal with a large amount of data. However, sometimes users’ Id mailboxes get full of storage, and because of that, users face issues while accessing some specific email. Well, no need to worry, as Office 365 comes up with a highly advanced Archiving feature (also called In-Place Archiving) that allows to free up storage space of the mailbox by archiving.

Now, the question arises, How does someone archive Emails in Office 365? The answer is simple, perform the working steps of the manual method and archive the Office 365 mailbox to PST format. You can also use the SysInfo Office 365 Backup Tool(Highly Recommendable) to archive all the mailbox folders into local drive.

What is Email Archiving, and Why is it Necessary?

Email archiving is a method to secure all your important emails in a separate file or location that is easily accessible. This process gives dense security to emails that are not performing in the daily function of an organization but will in the future. Email archiving also helps in retrieving data whenever we want. Another benefit of Archive Emails in Office 365 is that as you remove emails and set them into an easily accessible place, it creates extra space in your Email client account. Now let’s look at why Office 365 email archiving is necessary:

  • Archiving emails in an archive folder gives a clean, perfect, and satisfactory view of the Emails. Keeping them in a separate segment makes them highly advantageous for the users as they begin to act and function unlike all the other Emails.
  • Once you complete the Email Archiving process, it becomes easy to look whenever an individual sends you a new message.
  • Email archiving leads to proper management of work. For freelancers and employees, archiving emails could be the best choice.
  • Losing data has always been a stressful problem. Losing data affects people of all ages. Today, we receive and send emails that contain some vital details. The archive section acts as an information holder; you can use it whenever you want.
  • Archiving emails during business operations could be highly fruitful for organizations.

Best Methods to Archive Emails in Office 365

First of all, you have to verify the Archive page in the Exchange admin center; if it is not enabled, Office 356 does not allow you to archive mailbox emails. Go to the Exchange administrators and assign the Mail Recipients role to the account before shifting emails from the primary section to the archive folder.

  1. Go to the official Office 365 login page and sign in with your respective ID and Password.
  2. In the Security and Compliance Center wizard, select “Data governance. Opt for the Archive option.
  3. Now the Archive page will emerge in front of your screen. All the email Id that is connected to your Office 365 account is listed here. It will notify you whether or not an Archive box is enabled.
  4. Choose the mailbox for which you want to enable the Archive mailbox and click Enable.Archive Emails in Office 365
  5. A warning box pop-ups on your screen; click “Yes” to enable the Archive Mailbox.Archive Emails in Office 365
  6. It will take a few seconds to create an archive mailbox. Once it is done, you will be able to see and use the “Archive mailbox.”

Steps to Archive Emails in Office 365

After enabling the archiving option, you are in a perfect frame to set up email archiving in office 365.

  1. First, log in to Outlook using Office 365 credentials and choose the folder you want to archive.Note:- You can also perform this process on specific emails and then tap on the “Archive” icon on the top pane of the Office 365 account.
  2. Choose the specific emails and right-click on them. A window will appear on the screen. Click on the “Archive” button to move these emails to the archive mailbox.Archive Emails in Office 365

Steps to Archive Emails in Outlook 2016

Once you sync your Office 365 account in Outlook, then you can also use the archive feature of Outlook to archive old emails. However, make sure that emails are archived locally in the Archive folder of Outlook.

  1. Start Outlook on your desktop and select emails from your inbox or any other folder.
  2. Right-click on chosen emails, and click on the Archive button to move emails to the archive mailbox.archive emails in office 365

Note:- You can also perform this process by selecting emails, and then pressing “Archive” in the ‘Delete’ group (of the ribbon). If you want to archive emails directly, you can use the “backspace” button on the keyboard

An Alternate Solution to Archive Emails in Office 365

SysInfo Office 365 Backup Tool is the best and most reliable tool that allows users to perform archive emails in Office 365 accounts. You can go for this solution if you want to archive multiple emails from your Office 365 account. On the other hand, the software contains many saving options like PST, MSG, PDF, MBOX, EML, DOC, PNG, etc so you also import PST files to Office 365 with ease.

Steps to Archive emails in Office 365

  1. Start the SysInfo Office 365 Backup Tool as administrator.Archive Emails in Office 365
  2. On the opening wizard, click on the Backup button.
  3. Enter your Office 365 Id and third-party app password.Archive Emails in Office 365
  4. Select the backup option, i.e., In-place Archive, and click Next.
  5. Check the folders in the preview panel and tap Next.Archive Emails in Office 365
  6. Now, opt for the saving option from the drop-down list. (Selected file format is PST)
  7. Check the Remove Duplicate Mail option to delete similar emails.Archive Emails in Office 365
  8. You can also select the destination path for the output folder.
  9. Click on the Convert button to archive Outlook emails to local drives.


In this article, we have discussed the steps to archive emails in Office 365 and their necessity. Along with that, a detailed description of archiving Emails on Outlook 2016 and its below versions. It also includes a professional solution suggestion Office 365 Backup Tool, that allows saving archive emails into a local drive.

About The Author:

Danish is a Profesional Technical Content Developer with over 2 Years of Experience. He has excellent knowledge in content writing in the field of Data Recovery, Email Migrations, Cloud Migration and Database Management.

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