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Convert PST to MSG Manually

Are you looking for something to convert PST to MSG format? You’ve come to the right place at the right time. Through this blog post, I’ll help you converting your PST files into MSG format without requiring any paid software and without causing any changes or alteration to the original mailbox. Keep reading this post…

MS Outlook  Data File aka PST

Microsoft Outlook stores or organises mailbox data and other related information, including contacts, tasks, appointments, calendar, etc. as a Personal storage storage or PST file. It’s a single file for a set of mail and other items, and can import and export as per users’ needs. It’s also useful to organize and manage the communication with the outside world. If a person is a regular user of Microsoft Outlook client and does a lot communication through the mail, then he might experience the limitations of a PST file. As we go into the technicalities of the PST file, we see that it has a definite size limitation.

In the older versions of MS Outlook, i.e. 97-2002, the PST file is/was saved in ANSI format which has a size limitation up to 2 GB; and in later versions of Outlook such as Outlook 2007 to Outlook 2016, the size limitation varies from 20 GB to 50 GB. Later in this article, I’ll explain about the need of a MSG file instead of a PST file.

What about MSG File

In MS Outlook application, a MSG file primarily targets the mail messages of users. It’s a file type that contains email messages. Generally a MSG file is a simple text file representing a particular kind of information with file extension “.msg” but nowadays it saves messages along with images and other elements in HTML format. There are three other types of MSG files which can be found over the internet for different applications, so don’t confuse the MSG file of Microsoft Outlook with that. For more details regarding the MSG File follow Microsoft Blog.

Why do we Convert PST to MSG ?

The following reasons will help to understand the need for conversion from PST file format to MSG file format.

  • Sharing instantly some specific mail with a particular person is becoming a regular task for internet users. Outlook and other client applications have provided a forwarding option along with the mail they are going share. But what if you need to select and choose more than one from the list of received mails?
  • If you have tons of received mails in your inbox and you have to show the message of mail you have received than what you will do?
  • Consider you have a PST file which contains 1000+ mailbox items and you organize it very well. Suppose you get an urgent call and have to send some particular mails to your clients/boss or your team member.
  • You have a series of communications with a client through mail and you want to show it to your boss, then how will you represent those mails?

May be you got stuck in the middle, or found some alternate to solve the situations.

To solve the above listed problems (convert PST to MSG) there are two simple methods.

  1. A manual trick which is one of the fastest methods to be used when you have less than four to five mails.
  2. Special technique to convert PST to MSG format in which we can use a specific tool available in the market.

Manual trick to convert PST file to MSG file

Before you can try this manual trick, let me tell you that you can’t convert the entire PST file into MSG format. Only selected mails from the parent PST file are allowed to get converted to a MSG file. Follow the steps below:-

  • Open up the Outlook application –>Go to Inbox –>select a mail –> drag that mail from Outlook application and drop into an Explorer folder or the desktop.

Convert PST to MSG-1

  • Follow the same steps for other mails as we did in step 1.
  •  You can zip the folder using any tool if you already saved inside a folder otherwise move all MSG files to a folder and zipped it.


  • Compose a new mail and send the MSG files’ zipped folder as an attachment.


This manual trick works well and is also one of the quickest solutions. The problem arises when we have lots of mails. It becomes very time consuming and hard to locate each mail inside the MS Outlook application. How many times will you do the drag and drop for each mail from your MS Outlook to Windows Explorer. So we require an Email management tool for PST file to MSG file conversion. If you do a Google search for a PST to MSG file converter, you will find innumerable such tools which can be purchased from vendors online.

Convert PST to MSG format using a special technique

If the above manual trick is challenging for you or you have no time for converting hundreds of files, then I’ll recommend you PST to MSG Converter from SysInfoTools Software. There are other vendors also for the same, but I found their PST to MSG Converter unique in terms of features and user interface. This converter executes the entire conversion of PST file to MSG file efficiently. It provides almost all features which are required by the advanced Outlook user, for routine email communication. I’ll list out some of the most prominent features of PST to MSG Converter.

Some key features of the software:

  • Supports batch conversion of files
  • With Advance search option
  • Date range option allows the user to select or convert only PST files of specific date range
  • Allows to remove PST files from the conversion list, which are added unintentionally
  • Maintains the folder hierarchy in converted MSG files
  • Has an intuitive and interactive user interface

To know more about this software, please visit SysInfoTools Software website and download free demo version of this software.

Note: This software doesn’t support corrupt PST files. You can repair a corrupt PST file by using PST Repair Tool.