This Creepy Feature Will Let Others To Stalk You on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most downloaded applications which allow users share their stories, moments and going through photos from their friends and known ones. Being one of the most popular applications to share photos, Instagram has come up with a new feature named ‘Activity status’ which takes the game to a creepier level.

With the help of ‘Activity status’ now you can easily know what your friends are doing and also when they were last online. This feature will finally help you to stalk your friends but keep in mind, even your friends can check out your activity as well.

It seems like a privacy nightmare for many of us. Even an unknown follower can stalk you, know what you are doing without even letting you know.

Fortunately, there is a way to disable this feature so that nobody knows what you are upto.

For that:
Go to ‘Settings’ scroll down until you see ‘Show Activity Status’. Just uncheck the box and you are done. Now no one can see you or stalk you or will know what you are up to on Instagram. However, disabling the feature will also snatch the power from you to stalk others.

So think and decide.

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