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Demand for Technology Jobs is growing in India: LinkedIn

  • Published on:  September 11th, 2018
  • Updated on:  February 25, 2022
  • Read Time:  2 minutes

According to a Linkedin report, the demand for technical professionals is on rise in India. Roles like Machine learning engineer, Application development analyst, Customer service manager are most emerging and sought after in India.
technology Jobs is growing in India LinkedIn

For the people who aspire to be a machine learning engineer or an application development analyst, there is high demand for them as these technology jobs are among the top 10 fastest growing jobs for professionals in India, said LinkedIn, a global professional network site on Thursday. As per the “Top 10 Emerging Jobs in India” report, the role of machine learning engineer has registered a 43 times higher growth rate and that of an application development analyst’s role achieved a high growth rate of around 32 times between 2013 and 2017,.

As per Feon Ang, VP – Asia Pacific, LinkedIn Talent and Learning Solutions “India’s tech talent has taken immense global tech giants to success, so it is no surprise that India’s top 5 emerging jobs hovers around technology and core technical skills across sectors”.
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Interestingly, while the top 5 jobs are tech-related, the “Customer Success Manager (CSM),” ranked as the sixth emerging job in India, for both tech and non-tech giants. Soft skills like helping, onboarding, influencing, retaining customers are also one of the most in-demand skills. “It is interesting to observe that soft skills such as relationship building and customer management are equally relevant for jobs of tomorrow — the rise of the CSM as a top emerging job in Asia-Pacific is a key example of this trend,” Ang said.
The Emerging Jobs in India report finds out the fastest growing and up-and-coming jobs having the largest growth frequency in the five-year-period between 2013 and 2017. India is the 2nd LinkedIn’s fastest-growing market, the first being US. From India, there are more than 50 million members of LinkedIn.

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