How to Extract all Attachments from MBOX File with MBOX Attachment Extractor Wizard?

Nowadays, most of the users are using the MBOX file format supporting email client applications. As the MBOX file format is extremely flexible. And various email clients such as Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Eudora, Spicebird support it. More precisely, MBOX file does not require any supported application set up to read the data. Also, it does not require any particular operating system like Mac, Windows,or Linux.

We all know that one of the biggest reasons for an oversized MBOX file is the attachments that are inserted with the MBOX emails. Because of it the performance and the overall efficiency of the email client application become degraded. And the time comes when the MBOX file becomes corrupted or inaccessible to the users and there is also a risk of data loss. Thus, it is required to extract all attachments from MBOX files for a sophisticated emailing experience. Here you will get the perfect solution to extract attachments from MBOX file.

What is the Need to Extract All Attachments From MBOX File?

As the attachments are added to the MBOX file, with time, the MBOX file becomes oversized and there is a risk of file corruption or damage. The users will face some errors in accessing their important data. And also, the large-sized MBOX file will take more storage space. So to avoid these conditions, users require MBOX extract attachments to free up some space and bring back the important MBOX file into a healthy stage. This will improve the efficiency and performance of the email client application.

How to Extract All Attachments From Thunderbird Using Thunderbird Free Add-On?

Users can extract attachments from Mozilla Thunderbird’s Add-On feature without any hassle by following the below steps accordingly – 

  1. From the Official Mozilla website, download Thunderbird Attachment Extractor plug-in.
  2.  Launch Thunderbird application and choose Add-ons option from the list.
  3. Click on the Gear icon.
  4. Choose Install Add-on from file Option.
  5. Now browse and select the XPI file of the Thunderbird attachment extractor.
  6. Click on the Install Now to start the installation process.
  7. After the successful installation, a pop-up message to restart the Thunderbird application will appear.
  8. After that, select the desired email folders and choose the option Extract All Attachments to.
  9. Click on the Browse option to define the destination location.
  10. After the completion of the process, all the extracted attachments can easily be accessed from the defined location.

Limitations With Thunderbird Attachment Extractor Add-On

  • The Plug-in does not support the latest versions of Thunderbird.
  • Complex and more time-taking process.
  • Available only for Thunderbird application, that means it will not work on any other MBOX supporting email client.
  • It is not capable of extracting attachments from multiple MBOX folders.

Using MBOX Attachments Extractor Wizard

As we have seen above in using Thunderbird attachment extractor add-on plug-in, there are several limitations. In order to successfully accomplish the process, users need to install the Thunderbird in the system. Also, in case of a crash of Thunderbird email client, it becomes impossible to extract all attachments from the MBOX file. So, to extract all types of MBOX files which are created by any email client, you can use the MBOX Exporter tool by SysInfoTools. With the help of this software, users can easily extract all attachments from MBOX folders easily. Users need to select the HTML format in the export file type option. Where the software creates a separate folder to all the extracted attachments from the MBOX file.

Now it’s Easy to Save All Attachments from MBOX File

The users need to download the Thunderbird Add-On in order to extract all the attachments from the Thunderbird MBOX file as discussed above. However, it supports only Thunderbird email client and non other applications. Hence, it is suggested to use the Automated software which can easily extract all MBOX attachments from multiple email clients without any risk of data loss.

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