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How To Fix DBF File?

With this blog, I will be sharing you the manual techniques to recover deleted dbf files or to fix dbf file. But before going into the mechanism of recovering it, we have to first understand the basics of this file, the mechanism and how it works. The steps to restore dbf files might sounds easy but it is not. It takes a lot of time to fix dbf file of any system, if done manually. DBF file repair can be done both by manual and third party recovery tool.

In this digital age almost every person knows about computers, every corporation be it small or large works on it. Our life is completely dependent on computers. We work on it and our generation strives on it. It is an integral part of our life. We use it for watching movies, playing games when feel bored, ordering foods, checking out locations, doing our office works and most importantly storing our data.

Yes you heard it right i.e. one of the most important functions of computers is to store our data. Plus the basic mechanism of Computers is to store data for later use. It stores all of your data in Hard Drive in dbf format. This Hard Drive is like the brain of your body. Be it small or large, be it an emotion or an event everything has a place in your brain. So to preserve all this, we need to keep a track of our brain so that it doesn’t breakdown. And the same goes for your computer.

So let’s come to the point and talk on Computers and DBF files.

In simple terms, DBF means Database file. The  number of files which are there inside a computer is huge and DBF is one of them. They are used in dBase ll, dBase lll and dBase lV.

But the problem with these dBase files is that they are prone of getting corrupted. And corrupted data is a big issue for any corporation or anyone who is using it. That is why there are so many data recovery tool or dbf repair tools are there in the market. These dbf repair tools help you to restore dbf files or to recover deleted dbf files of your system. Yes these third party tools are mostly paid and with high-end algorithms.

But no worries, as before going for any dbf repair tool that I will be sharing you the manual techniques to repair dbf file of your system. But to understand the manual process to recover deleted dbf files of yours, you first have to understand why this corruption occurs?

There can be many causes of corruption for your corrupt dfb files. Some common causes are:

Repair DBF File

  • software malfunction,
  • hard disk failure,
  • power failure,
  • malfunction in database application,
  • virus infection,
  • abrupt cancellation of DBF file
  • and software or hardware errors / issues.

If you are a novice and have no idea about what type of problem you are facing then checkout the following errors. These are the most common errors which your computer might show when you have a database corruption:

recover deleted dbf files

  •  “ERROR [42S02] [Microsoft][ODBC Visual FoxPro Driver] File ‘table.dbf’ does not exist”.
  • “(Error-2091)”.
  • “Database file appears corrupt: Page xyz is of the wrong type.”
  • “Error instantiating cursor objects. Could not find (table file name)”.
  • “Table dBase not correct”.
  • Error messages: “Corrupt table”/ “index header”.
  • “Memo File is Missing/Invalid”.
  • Invalid database – please validate database”.
  • “Filename.dbf has become corrupted”.
  • “Table has become corrupted. The table will need to be repaired before using again.”
  • “Error 1103 or Invalid Seek Offset (ISO) error”.


Manually Repair DBF File:

If the same question is still ringing in your head that is How to fix DBF file or How to recover deleted dbf files or How to do repair dbf file manually? Then no need to worry as the solution is here 🙂

Here I would tell you on how to manually repair dbf file.

But before recovering, let’s check out some precautions.

Restore DBF Files

The best precaution you can take to save your DBF files is to keep a backup. As there is no other measure which might help you if your files get corrupted. So better start taking backup of these files. Some other measures which I would like to suggest you are:

  • Delete not so important and unnecessary files on a regular basis. It will help in creating space in your system.
  • Always keep a backup of important DBF files.
  • and finally save your files appropriately before closing the files.

Recover Deleted DBF Files:

The problem arises when you have no backup of your files and it gets corrupted. Believe me it feels like crying. As the work that you have done for so many years is lost. Without backup it’s very hard to restore dbf files of yours. I have faced the same situation a few years back and at that time, i had no backup.

And the solution for me was to use a third party data recovery software or a data recovery tool. After going through a lots of information about various products I finally jot down some tools. And believe me it worked awesome.

Best DBF Repair Tool To Restore DBF files

dbf Repair Tool

See I never use a third party tool to fix dbf files of mine, as I don’t like to pay. But when situation arises, this third party tools can become the life savior to recover dbf file.

For me the best software was DBF Recovery Tool. I have used this product and was quite happy with this. They have a range of products and the reviews of these products were great too. Plus you can also download a demo version before purchasing. Not only that the price tag of this given product also suited my pocket.

Download Now

It also supports most of the popular databases like:

  • dBase II,
  • dBase IV,
  • dBase V,
  • Visual FoxPro,
  • Clipper,
  • dBXL,
  • dBFast,
  • CodeBase,
  • MultiBase,
  • Arago.

The best lifesaving option that this dbf repair tool provides is that we can save the recovered files in DBF format and also in MDB (Microsoft Access) file format.

So as per my suggestion you can check out this product to restore DBF Files of yours.

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