Free & Easy Way To Split Lotus Notes Archive Files In No Time

Being an expert, many of my readers who are basically using IBM Lotus Notes always asks me ‘how to split Lotus Notes archive files for free / manually.

And if you are here and reading this article, you might have the same concern I guess.

Am I correct?

Are you also looking for a solution to divide or split archives in Lotus Notes?

If yes, then this article will surely help you out to divide IBM Lotus Notes NSF  files for free.

Breaking down or dividing Lotus Notes scripts is not at all hard however the toughest part is to understand why should one do this and how to do it correctly without affecting the original data.

So let’s kick the session with an overview of IBM Lotus Notes and NSF file.

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What is NSF File?

Notes Storage Facility or also known as NSF file is basically a file format used by IBM Lotus Notes database. The .nsf file stores all your emails, journals, contacts, to do lists and many more.
Being an important file format, a small corruption or a little damage may lead to total disruption with no access to your data.
Note: It is a client-server architecture provided by IBM. In which IBM Notes is the client and Domino is the server, respectively.

Reasons To Split NSF File
split NSF database

Now the question is why many users divide or split Lotus Notes archive scripts?

And the answer to this question is that, there are many reasons due to which we split archives in Lotus Notes like:

  • Large Size NSF Files: If your size of the files is large then there are great chances that your system will lag occasionally or it will take more time to open. Even large NSF files may lead to data corruption. So the best option is to break it down and divide NSF database file.
  • Even managing a large size NSF file is a tough ask. So to rectify it, users prefer to split NSF database file.

So now the question is:

How To Split Archives in Lotus Notes Scripts?
split NSF file

So if you are looking to divide or separate a large-sized Lotus Notes file into multiple parts then there are two ways to do it.

First, you can take the help of IBM Notes client software, which has an inbuilt feature which let users to transfer the old data from on NSF database to another. Unfortunately, this feature might not help you to split NSF file but it can help you to decrease or compress the actual size of your file.

For example, you have an NSF database file of 10 GB. So to compress it you can create a new database and can transfer the old data into the new one. But always keep a backup before doing this manual trick.

As said, this manual free trick is a good choice to compress or decrease the file size but it doesn’t divide IBM lotus notes archive files into multiple parts. So to do this you will need a goo NSF Splitter.

One of the NSF splitter that I have used to split NSF database is this NSF Split Tool.  It is a great tool to break down files and reduce NSF file size. The software lets you to split large sized Lotus Notes database into smaller NSF files without harming your original data. In addition to it, you can also split your mailbox, archive and contacts into manageable sizes. The NSF splitter is easy to use, reliable with an independent saving feature making it one of the most advanced tools to split lotus notes archive scripts.

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However, there is a limitation too with this tool and that is, it doesn’t run on Linux and MAC. It only supports Windows OS.

So it is totally up to you to decide whether you want to go for this tool or the manual technique.

Hope this blog helped you out in splitting your NSF files effectively.

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