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How to Backup Hostgator Email To Local Computer – Hostgator Backup Wizard

  • Published on:  July 20th, 2021
  • Updated on:  May 16, 2022
  • Read Time:  6 minutes

Do you wondering how to backup Hostgator email to your local hard drive? If so, then here we will provide the most efficient solution to backup the HostGator Email account and save HostGator emails to 30+ desired saving options. Most maximum of users is having lots of queries to take HostGator email backup without any hassle. A few queries are given underneath for which most of the users are looking for a suitable HostGator Backup Wizard.

  • How to Download HostGator emails to Hard Drive or Computer?
  • How to take HostGator Email Account Backup?
  • Efficient Solution to Backup Hostgator Email Account?
  • Migrate HostGator to Office 365
  • Backup HostGator Emails to Gmail
  • What to do to make the HostGator Download Emails?

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Let me begin this article by saying that, we may or may not be able to download HostGator emails to a computer or PC. In certain situations, we all need to take a full backup of the email accounts of HostGator. But powerless to do so that without having much knowledge of HostGator. Hence, we have developed a hassle-free solution named Sysinfo HostGator Backup Wizard to backup emails from multiple HostGator email account. With its intelligent and manageable features, users can efficiently download all emails to their desktops. Let us primarily know about HostGator and then we will proceed to backup emails from HostGator.

About HostGator Webmail

In today’s age of technology, each and everyone wants an online platform to start their business and earn from all over the world. To obtain out the bizarre identity on the web, users need to create a website from where they will provide all their services. While you decided to create a website on the web, you also need the domain name and the web hosting service. In the plan to create a website, there are several companies that provide services for the domain name and web hosting service. Amid all web hosting companies, HostGator is one of the most popular and esteemed web hosts. It presents various services such as hosting flexibility, shared hosting, uptime, customer support, unlimited email accounts, SSL security, large disk space, and much more.

Why do We Need to Take Backup of Emails from HostGator?

Why did we take HostGator Emails Backup? It is the common query by users which came first in the user’s mind. In this section of the blog, we will provide you numerous causes due to which user thinks about generating a backup of HostGator emails.

To begin with, there are many causes that make users save HostGator emails to a hard drive or computer or to another email hosting service. Most of the essential reasons are curated below: –

Backup Business Emails: – As we know that email services provided by HostGator contain multiple business email accounts. And all these email accounts are used for communication from their customers which consists of several important emails related to their business. But if you lost your business email account, you lose all your customer’s email.

Accidental Account Deletion: – While managing multiple email accounts on the dashboard, accidentally you may delete any email account. But if you have a backup of the HostGator email account, you can retrieve your data.

Move to New Email Platform: – If you are facing issues in accessing your emails in your HostGator, you can export HostGator emails to other email client and access HostGator emails in another email service.

How to Backup HostGator Emails Using Manual Solution?

To backup or save HostGator emails backup to hard drive, you require to follow the simple steps carefully as described below: –

  • First, login to your cPanel of HostGator via FTP.
  • After you Logged-in, open the home directory.
  • Now go to the Mail folder under the home directory.
  • Here find your domain name email.
  • Now copy all folders and download.
  • In the mean time wait till your files are downloaded.

Substitute Manual Solution to Download HostGator Emails to Computer Via Horde

  • To begin with, Log in to your webmail and choose Horde.
  • After loggin in click on Mail and choose Export.
  • Select option “Download into an MBOX File” to download all your mailbox email account emails.
  • Click on OK.

By followijng these methods you will be able to download all your email accounts of HostGator to a computer and allows you to import HostGator emails to another cPanel account.

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HostGator Backup Wizard– Directly Download HostGator Emails to Desktop

After the performing above manual methods, if you fail to backup your HostGator emails to your computer, you need to choose third-party software. Momentarily, you might be thinking How can I make a backup of HostGator emails? No requirement to bother, to backup HostGator emails with attachments directly you just need to choose a trustworthy solution i.e. Sysinfo HostGator Email Backup Software. A straightforward and direct solution for users to download HostGator emails to their desktop. It allows the user to import HostGator emails to multiple file formats of desktop-based email clients or webmail account. The software easily takes backup of emails of HostGator by preserving data integrity and email structure.

It has multiple advanced functionalities which makes it a remarkable solution for business users. The tool has come up with multiple smart features which ensure users about their data security. It permits users to save HostGator emails to 30+ file formats. It allows user to convert HostGator emails to PST, EML, MSG, EMLX, MBOX, PDF, DOC, HTML, CSV, OST, etc. Moreover, it also allows you to directly import HostGator emails to Thunderbird, Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365, Exchange Server, Amazon WorkMail, IMAP, etc.

Important Features of HostGator Backup Wizard

  • Enables taking backup of HostGator emails from unlimited HostGator accounts.
  • Allows to backup emails from HostGator and save HostGator emails into 30+ Options.
  • Excellent Filters to create a backup of desired HostGator emails.
  • Maintains same email formatting even after a backup of the file.
  • Particular Option enables to Backup Only Select Mailbox Folder.
  • Naive and Easy to Use Interface of the tool.
  • 15+ File saving file formats to save the resultant backup files.
  • Preserves the same folder structure to keep all emails in the same folder structure.
  • A 100% safe and secure tool for non-technical users.

Final Words

In any situation, if you want to take HostGator emails backup without performing any extra efforts, then it is recommended to use Sysinfo HostGator Backup Software. It is a perfect solution for users to transfer HostGator emails to desktops without any hassle. A wholesome tool, best and trusted solutions to backup HostGator emails in a couple of moments. If you have any uncertainty about its performance, try its free demo edition and effortlessly take a backup of emails.

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