How to Backup Google Photos & Videos to PC

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Are you in search of a better solution for taking the backup of your Google Photos and Videos in Your Personal storage devices like PC or Smart Phones? If Yes then stick with your chair and read this Technical Guide carefully. So that you will get to know all the aspects related to the backup. Okay, Let’s Continue…

Google photos take the automatic backup of media and allow users to store and share the videos and photos including with the help of AI-powered assistant for both iOS and Android devices.

If you want to take the backup of your Google photos and videos in your local drive due to some reasons like you want to access them in the offline mode, want to edit those photos and videos, want to keep safe from the hackers or whatever the reasons are, read the blog until the end. In this blog, I will tell you how to backup Google photos & videos to PC or other personal storage. Now in the next part, we will know the backup process of the photos and videos from the Android mobile phone and from the Windows, Mac OS.

How to Backup Google Photos & Videos from PC

There are 2 ways to backup your camera, mobile phone, storage card from your computer:

  1. By installing Backup and Sync.
  2. By Uploading Photos from your Browser.

Setup the Backup & Sync App

  • Inside your Computer, Download the Backup and Sync app by Simply clicking on the link given below.


  • Then, Install and Run this application.
  • After this, sign in to your google account in which you want to take backup.
  •  Now Select backup only photos, videos or both files.
  • Choose any folder from which you want to take backup.
  • After all this process, you will have to choose Upload Size which is under the “Photo and video upload size option”.
  • Finally, Click on the Start Button.


  • If you deleting your photo from your computer then it will not affect the Google Photos gallery means it will remain in the Google Photos. 
  • If you are deleting your photo from Google photos then it will also not affect your Computer drive data means the data is in your HDD after deletion.

Upload Item From Browser to Google Photos

  • Firstly, Open your Google Chrome browser.
  • Then click on the Cube icon present on the upper right corner of the window( looks like a cube)
  • Hit on the photos option, this will open your google photos option.
  • From here, at the top right, click on the Upload >> Computer
  • Search and select the photos you want to take backup.
  • Finally, click on the Open button.

Now, we have discussed all the necessary points required for the topic “How to backup Google photos & videos to PC”. But what? If you want to take a backup from another device like your android phone. So, for that case, you need not take to worry about that. We have also discussed those ways too in this same technical guide. So, if you are an android user you have to continue your reading. 

How to Backup Google Photos & Videos from Android Phone

If you have an android phone then there must be the Google photos app in it if there is no app then you can install it from the play store. Now see the steps below to backup photos and videos from the app.

Step 1: Open Google Photos app and tap on the three-lined icon in the left corner then click Settings.

Step 2: After that, click on Backup and sync option and set the Backup and Sync toggle in on position.

Step 3: Here, you need to make sure yourself that the “Backup and Sync” toggle is set to the “On” position. 


In case of an Android, you can able to set some other features. Example – whether videos will need to be backed up or not, whether backup can use cellular data or only the Wi-Fi and whether backup your other folder than the camera folder is required or not.

Final Words

In this technical guide, we have covered all the necessary steps which are required to take backup. Means you have clearly know about – “How to backup google photos & videos to PC or Android”. But always keep in mind, when you are following the steps, read it carefully first. Because if you left any of the steps then the following steps will be meaningless or you have a backup in the wrong way.
I will also recommend a third-party utility to take the backup of google photos and videos which is Gmail Backup Software. With this utility, the user can take the backup of google’s whole photos and videos at once in just no time.

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