How to Convert MBOX Files to Outlook Let’s Know-How

“How to Convert MBOX files to Outlook? I think it is an easy task to do. But I faced too many issues like data loss and corruption of some files. Can anyone suggest to me the perfect manual solution to import MBOX files to Outlook?”

Yes, this article is for you. Here, you will find the complete step-by-step procedure to convert MBOX files to Outlook. Firstly, let us discuss some important aspects of Outlook and MBOX.

Outlook:- MS Outlook is a secured and reliable email client that allows users to store their emails, contacts, calendars, tasks into them. Moreover, to set the collection of items, it uses the PST file. You can also use an Outlook Data File (.pst) to download or migrate items from any type of email account.

MBOX:- MBOX is a general term for a family of related file formats used to store email message collections. It saves emails in a concatenated format and stored in plain text in a single file. In addition, each email is set up after another and managed by the “From” header. But sometimes, when users want to access the MBOX files’ data in Outlook, they don’t do it. Then there is the need to convert MBOX files to Outlook.

Need For Import MBOX Files to Outlook

  • When users want to access their MBOX file emails in a professional environment.
  • MBOX-based email clients have to lack many features.
  • To access the MBOX emails in the desktop-based email client.
  • Sometimes, one is not able to access large MBOX files.
  • Chances that MBOX-based email software is unable to load every item of MBOX.
  • Apart from emails, Outlook allows users to access and manage their contacts, calendar, tasks too.
  • Outlook supports Exchange accounts, and it also allows its user to use it in an offline mode.
  • MS Outlook provides better-controlling features to the users.

These are the several benefits that users get while converting their MBOX files into Outlook. Now, for your query: how do I import an MBOX file into Outlook? Let’s check out the working steps.

How to Convert MBOX Files to Outlook Let’s Know-How

In this part, we will discuss the manual and professional techniques to transfer MBOX files into Outlook. These methods are free and effective and migrate emails into different versions of Outlook.

Manual Technique to Import MBOX Emails Into Outlook

Follow the mentioned steps below to migrate emails from MBOX files into Outlook:

  1. Firstly, open Thunderbird on your opera mini browser.
  2. Sign In with the required email address and password.
  3. Now, install ImportExportTools and add it to your Thunderbird account.
  4. Then restart the Thunderbird again.
  5. On the opening dashboard, select the Tools option present at the top menu bar.
  6. Now, select the ImportExportTools option from the drop-down list.
  7. Then opt with the import MBOX file option.
  8. After that, open the MBOX files into Thunderbird.
  9. Here, select all the emails from the folder.
  10. Right-click on the selected emails and tap on the Save selected messages.
  11. Select EML format from the drop-down list.
  12. Finally, import these EML files into Outlook using the drag-drop technique.

Above mentioned steps are simple to apply, and one can easily convert their MBOX files into Outlook. However, these manual steps are complicated for the users, and there is also a chance of data loss. Thus I recommend you to opt with the professional utility to import MBOX emails into Outlook.

Professional Technique to Import MBOX into Outlook

Developed with a highly advanced algorithm, SysInfo MBOX Converter Free allows users to export bulk no of MBOX files into PST file format at a time without any data loss. The software has an intuitive and easy-to-use GUI. Additionally, users can export MBOX files into different file formats and email clients like PST, PDF, EML, MBOX, Gmail, Office 365, etc.

Steps to Convert MBOX files to Outlook PST

  • First of all, download and install the SysInfo MBOX Exporter Tool.
  • Complete the installation steps and run the software as an administrator.
  • Select Single File or Multiple Files/Folder options to add MBOX files.
  • Check the folders from the tree structure and preview mail and attachments.
  • Now, pick the PST format from the drop-down of Saves/Backup/Migrate As options.
  • Check these features if necessary:
    Remove Duplicate Mail: Opt with this to remove duplicate emails from MBOX folders.
    Save In Save: Check this to make the source and destination folder the same of the Output file.
    Migrate or Backup Emails Without Attachments files: Go through with this to export only emails.
  • Tick the Mail Filter option to export or backup emails into a specific date range.
  • You can also define the name of the resultant folder in which the exported email will store.
  • Select the Path To Save button and assign a destination path for a new output folder.
  • Finally, click on the Convert button to begin the conversion of MBOX into Outlook PST.
  • Moreover, you can also download the report of the migration process.

Why Choose SysInfo MBOX Converter Tool?

  • Export MBOX emails into PST, PDF, EML, OST, MBOX, HTML, MHTML, TXT, DOC, DOCM, DOCX, PNG file formats.
  • Migrate emails of MBOX files into Gmail, Office 365, Thunderbird, AOL, Opera Mail, Zoho Mail, iCloud, GoDaddy Email, and other email clients.
  • Allows users to perform the bulk migration of MBOX emails with 100% data accuracy.
  • Software is compatible with the major versions of Windows OS like 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc.


If you are looking for a solution of how to convert MBOX files to Outlook, you may take the manual technique and export the file in different steps on your own. However, it’s not a reliable method, and the technicalities involved pose a chance of data loss. If your mailbox data is crucial, opt with expert solution MBOX Exporter to convert MBOX into Outlook.

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