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How to Get Back Deleted Photos From Computer For Free

In this article, we will discuss how to retrieve or get back deleted photos from computer after permanent deletion.

Data loss is a major set back nowadays.
Anyone can lose files and data from their system within a span of seconds. It can be an accidental deletion, where you permanently deleted some of the crucial files that needed to be there with you.
These data files can be in the form of Audio, Image, Video, work files etc. All these files play an important part in everyone’s life.
So keeping it safe is not only a task but a necessity.

So now the question is what is permanent file deletion?
Permanent file deletion is nothing but deleting your files or data by clicking Shift+ Delete command. With this command, the file or the deleted data doesn’t get stored in your recycle bin.
When you press Shift + Delete, the data is deleted from the Recycle bin but remains on the hard drive. It is assigned 0 value which means that space is free and can be used to write other data.
In this way, these data files are hidden from your eyes and can be restored unless it’s been overwritten. By this way, it is actually possible to recover overwritten files but parts of them are likely to be damaged.

However, if you have a backup then getting back the data is not at all hard. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a backup of your files and have used Shift+ Delete command to permanently delete your images or other files, then there are few ways to recover them.
So let’s now see which are those techniques through which you can retrieve your deleted pictures or photos.
But before that, let give an eye to the ways through which you can lose your photos.

Ways Images Get Deleted From Your System

  • Deletion from the recycle bin or by pressing Shift+ Delete.
  • Permanent deletion from the Hard Disk.
  • Files gets deleted due to formatting.
  • Files lost due to corruption or Malware attack.

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So now the question is:

Can We Get Back The Data?
Deleted Images

The answer is yes. However, it depends on following circumstances:

  • If your files were removed bypassing Recycle Bin (Shift + Del) or via formatting
  • The time from the moment your files were deleted on PC that is the longer it’s been, the higher the probability they have been overwritten
  • Type of deleted data: some items (images, videos) can be recovered partially, while other types of files can’t be retrieved fully even if a byte of it was lost
  • Data storage type: HDD/SSD, RAID, etc.
  • File system type: NTFS/FAT/exFAT and others.
  • The hard drive is old and showing the signs of corruption or failure.
  • The Hard Drive was defragmented recently.
  • The camera did ‘zero out’ space after the photos were lost or deleted.

If your data is there in the Recycle bin, it can be recovered by pressing the restore button.

But, if your images or photos are lost permanently, then you should stop using your device immediately and take the following measures:

  1. Manual methods.
  2. With the help of Professional Photo Recovery Software.

 Manual methods:
getting-back-deleted-images (1)

To restore the older version
Open the folder with deleted files>History>Previous>Select File> Restore

To restore the latest version
Select Folder> Right click>Restore the previous version> Previous Versions Permanently Deleted Files Or Folders with Time and date will be shown > Select the latest version files>Restore

If your pictures are lost because of corruption, then you run the Check disc command(chkdsk)
Go to ‘run’ box by simply pressing Win+ R> On run box type cmd>  Press Enter> On the command prompt type chkdsk(DriveLetter)/R>  Press Enter
By doing this process, the corrupt files will be located and after restarting the computer you can locate your recovered pictures and files.

In the case of minor corruption, you can use Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Paint tool to change the format of the photo files.

If you want to repair files in the case of minor corruption, you can connect the storage media device to the computer and run the following commands:
Click Win button on the desktop>  Type cmd on the search box> Right click on the cmd.exe> Select run as administrator> Type SFC/scan now on command prompt> Press Enter

This way the lost files can be seen and further repaired using Image Editor tools like Picasa, Lightroom, Photoshop etc. Also, use the supported plugins to fix corruption issues.

Professional Photo Recovery Software:

If you are unable to retrieve your images or pictures by using the above-mentioned methods, then the only way you can do it is by using a reliable Photo Recovery Software.
One of the best and smart tools available in the market is SysinfoTools Photo Recovery Software.

It is an advanced tool which helps in recovering image file of any formats, such as BMP, JPEG/JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, MOS, MEF, PSP, etc., video files and audio files as well.

  • This software can easily recover all the image files that were corrupted or deleted accidentally.
  • This software works even when you have formatted the computer.
  • Lets you preview your files after scanning
  • Can recover audio as well as video files

Note: being a Windows based tool, the application doesn’t run on Linux & MAC
You can even download the free version of the software for evaluation.

Free Download

So here are the techniques which let you retrieve or get back deleted photos or images from your computer.

Hope you liked this article

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