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How to Resolve Gmail is Out of Space Issue- A Prominent Solution

Nowadays, Gmail becomes everyone’s need for storing any important data including files, images, attachments, links, etc. Due to a large amount of data within it, Gmail exceeds its storage limit. So, here we come up with some solutions to solve a user query “How to resolve Gmail is Out of Space Issue”. The guide consists of various sub-sections including the about the error, why it occurs, manual methods to fix it and an automated method. 

What does “Gmail storage full not receiving emails” mean and why does it happen?

This is generally an error or problem that happens when a user has failed to receive any message or tries to send some message via the Gmail program. This simply means that the emails don’t have enough storage space to send or receive an email in Gmail. The user can’t run the Gmail program properly in such a situation, because the key functions declined.

When the storage of your Gmail account runs out of space then obviously, the new data can not be stored. Beyond this, Gmail users still face several problems. In this case, it is difficult to synchronize and upload the new data in Gmail. Additionally, the synchronization process between Google Drive and My Drive folders becomes halted. Therefore, a backup of Gmail data on the desktop could be the best option to be taken. This is the easiest way to handle the “Gmail Quota Exceeded” issue.

Now, after studying the error in detail, now you should know the manual fixes for it.

How to free up Storage Space in Gmail using Manual Approaches?

To free up storage space in Gmail, the mail holding attachments can be stored and easily removed from the mailbox. It is the way you can easily delete the huge amount of unwanted data and free up the room without wasting too much time. Now, some simple steps are provided for this task to be done conveniently. Only obey this method step by step to solve “How to resolve Gmail is Out of Space Issue” from below:

Step 1:- Keep all Gmail emails with Attachments Together

  • Sign in to your Gmail account first with the credentials
  • Visit the search bar and choose the drop-down arrow
  • Tick option “Has Attachment” and press the Search button
  • All the emails containing attachments are sorted. Just pick them all.
  • Hit the ‘Label icon’ and then press the create new label option
  • Provide a name to the created label and tap the Create button

Upon establishing the label, all the necessary emails are kept in the new label. Use the Google Takeout to download these emails.

Step 2:-Archive Gmail Emails using Google Takeout 

  • First, use Gmail credentials to sign in to your Google Takeout.
  • Choose the Create Archive option now.
  • After that, allow the option Mail and go to the drop-down arrow in the option Gmail and pick the option Select Label.
  • All labels present in your mail account will now appear. You then need to test the Attachment label you created in step 1 & hit the OK button.
  • To configure the archive format click Next button. Then pick “Zip files” as the file format for your archive.
  • From the size portion of the Into Archive, pick limitations of 2 GB in size.
  • Now select the Send download link through email option and press the “Build Archive” button to start archiving.
  • If the process is successfully completed, go and check the mailbox to access the link Now, open Google Takeout’s mail and select the ‘Download Archive’ button

Step 3:- Delete Archived Mail from Gmail in Bulk

Once you’ve finished downloading all emails with attachments on your local computer, you can easily remove them from your Gmail account. To do likewise, take the following steps:

  • Log in to Gmail account and navigate the Search bar
  • Now, select the Has: Attachment checkbox and press the Search button
  • Now, all the emails that contain attachments will be sorted
  • Choose all of them and select the “Delete” option

Through these steps, you will be free of the “Gmail is Out of Space Issue” completely.

Though the manual approach becomes time-consuming and a lengthy process, you still have another option. Follow the below alternate approach to fix this kind of issue. 

You can use an alternate method i.e Gmail Backup Tool. This utility gives an option to backup all the important Emails, Contacts, Calendar, and G-Drive items. After taking backup of all these, you can delete them to free us Gmail space. It is a recommended utility that makes your work easier and quicker. 

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Through this blog, you get to know about the “How to resolve Gmail is Out of Space Issue” and why it occurs in detail. All the possible manual approaches also explained. If anyone still faces an issue with the given manual methods, then a direct method also explained in detail. So, to make your work simpler, always opt for an alternate method. Similarly to Backup Yahoo Mails, you can follow the step by step procedure and save your Yahoo emails to hard drive.

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