Manual Steps to Convert Mac Outlook OLM to PST File Format

Today in this technical guide, we are going to discuss the best and one of the most advanced methods to convert your Mac OLM files into PST file format. OLM and PST are two files of MS Outlook that are supported by Windows. And both these file formats have their different workings. Before we convert OLM to PST let’s know about the reasons behind the conversion of OLM to PST.

Reasons for OLM to PST Conversion

There are several reasons due to which users’ want to convert OLM to PST file format. And some of them are:

  • Outlook For Windows doesn’t support OLM files.
  • User will usually get files in the PST file format from their clients.
  • The user finds it easy to work with PST file format.

Given above are some common reasons why a user wants to convert their OLM to PST file format.

Methods to Convert Mac OLM to PST File Manually

To convert Mac OLM to PST, one needs to follow these 4 parts given below:

Part 1:  Setup the IMAP account 

  1. Open your Gmail account by using your credentials to begin the steps to convert your Mac OLM to PST.
  2. After that, click on the gear button present on the upper right corner of your Gmail and then move to the Settings options from there.
  3. When you reach Settings, click on the Forward and POP/IMAP tab.
  4. Then you have to check for the status if the status is disabled then click to enable it and save the changes by simply clicking on the save changes button.

After you follow all these steps, you have completed the first steps to change the format of your Mac OLM files into the PST files.

Part 2: Setup Your Outlook Mac Account 

  1. Open Outlook application on your account and then go to the Menu and then Tools.
  2. After you move to the Tools then move to the Accounts and exports to your Outlook OLM to PST.
  3. When you reach your Outlook Account enter the credentials of your account.
  4. Now you have successfully configured your account and also view the mail tab.

After completing the four steps, you have completed the Part 2 of your conversion of your Mac OLM to PST file. 

Part 3: Create the Label in the Gmail Profile

  1. Initially, open your Gmail account. Then click on the gear icon on the right side. 
  2. After that, move to the Settings option.
  3. Find and click on the label and here and click on the Create New Label to generate a fresh new label for your account data and confirm that you have checked the IMAP boxes.

Here, you have completed the 3 steps of your migrating the Mac OLM to PST files manually. Move on as there is one step more. 

Part 4: Migrate your email data to the Mac Outlook to the IMAP Mailbox account 

  1. Initially, Open Outlook for Mac then right-clicks to select the item on the mailbox which you want to transfer to Outlook for Windows.
  2. Then move that items and then copy the items into the folder that you have selected.
  3. Firstly give a unique name to your IMAP folder and then click the Copy button.
  4. Now you have seen that all your mailbox data is copied into your IMAP account and synchronized to the mailbox folder.

Limitations of using the manual method for converting the Mac OLM to PST file Manually

  1. If you have a corrupted OLM file then this manual process fails to execute.
  2. It consumes a lot of users’ time as the process here is very lengthy.
  3. Large data creates a lot of hindrance with this manual process to convert it.
  4. Conversion with this method is hard for the non-technical persons to convert Mac OLM to PST files manually.

Given above are some of the common problems that one will face when they are performing the conversion of their Mac OLM files to the PST files with the help of Manual methods. Well! One can overcome this issue by using the professional tools for conversion rather than these manual methods.

Automated Method to Convert OLM to PST for Free

If a user finds these manual methods lengthy and doesn’t want to follow them for conversion, then they can take the help of automated utilities. Automated OLM to PST Converter can help the user to convert their OLM files into the PST one with no time and the process is safe and secure. By using Cigati Automated OLM Converter there are no chances to corrupt their file as most of the files can corrupt at the time of conversion through a manual process.

Final Words 

In this technical guide, we’ll get to know about the complete process of Conversion of Mac Outlook OLM to PST file format. Here, we have discussed the two methods i.e., Manual as well as professional. Choose wisely according to your needs but it is always a recommendation to choose the Automated OLM to PST converter utilities as they are more safe and secure.

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