Manual for MBOX to PST file Conversion

As we are living in the new era of technology and everybody using different types of e-mail application for their business and personal communication. We have various E-mail clients available in market for different or same type of Operating Systems. Some of the most popular are MS outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple mail, Eudora, The Bat, Pocomail and Earth mail, etc. They all use a different file format to store mailbox data. MBOX to PST file conversion are the mostly in use to move from one email clients to other.

Ahead we’re going to discuss a bit about MBOX and PST file format, need of conversion, and perform MBOX to PST file conversion manually.

MBOX file format

MBOX is a term evolved originally from MailBOX. It is used for storing a collection of electronic mail messages (e-mails) on hard-drive. Actually, it is a single database file, in which all messages in the particular mailbox folder are stored in a series of email messages. Whenever the new email is going to store in the MBOX format, it is just appended at the end of file. MBOX format widely used by Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac mail and Pocomail applications.

Thunderbird is an open source (free) application supported in Windows, Linux and MacOS.

PST file format

PST is another popular mailbox file format used by MS Outlook and it is an abbreviation of Personal Storage Table. It stores all mailbox data such as emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, journals, appointments and much more in a single file. In PST all items are stored in a separated folder in a hierarchical manner. There are two types of PST. One is ANSI and other one is Unicode format. ANSI allows user to store 2 GB of data and Unicode allows 20 GB.

Need to switch from MBOX to PST

As user switches their e-mail client application occasionally due to various reasons like when they joining new firm, might use different client application for communication earlier or they interested to try new applications.

Manual For MBOX to PST File Conversion 

See also how to import an MBOX file inside Thunderbird application.

Step. 1. Open Thunderbird e-mail client application and select the filename.mbox folder from Local Folders.MBOX to PST Converter


Step. 2. Select mails individually by pressing “Shift + click” or select all by pressing “Ctrl + a”.

Step. 3.Right click over selected mails and click “Save As” option.Mbox to pst conversion

Step. 4. Choose the destination folder or create new folder to save all mail/selected messages.Mbox to pst conversion

Step. 5. Now, open MS Outlook application within same system.

Step. 6. Go to File menu, select Account Setting and switch to the Data Files.Mbox to pst conversion

Step. 7. Click on Add and select Outlook data file (.pst) from given option.Mbox to pst conversion

Step. 8. Then choose destination folder and give name to the new Outlook data file.Mbox to pst conversion

Step. 9. Now, go to window explorer and locate folder, which we exported in step 4.

Step. 10. Select all mails (Ctrl + a), drag them to MS outlook and drop either in the message pane or pour on newly created data file (Test files).

Step. 11. Wait till the all mails transferred successfully. Review the converted mails to PST file format.

Hope you have successfully performed MBOX to PST conversion. This trick is too lengthy and required a bit patience to get your resultant files. If you get any error messages throughout the process, then I’ll recommend you to go for a third party tool. These tools are much more efficient to perform MBOX to PST conversion in few minutes.

An efficient tool – MBOX to PST Converter

If you need a smart tool for MBOX to PST conversion, then you give a try MBOX to PST Converter from SysinfoTools Software. This tool gives you various unique features and efficient performance. It allows you to search automatically all mailbox files inside your computer and convert it to PST file with in no time. Its advance features can save files in another file format such as EML, HTML and RTF. I’ll list the all features MBOX to PST Converter so that you can find it worth to you.

Some of the key features are

  1. Batch conversion of multiple MBOX files
  2. Besides MBOX to PST file conversion, It can also saves MBOX file in various formats, i.e. EML, HTML & RTF
  3. Reapir MBOX file & Recover data from corrupted MBOX file
  4. Compatible with the latest version of Windows 10 and older version also.
  5. Automatic software updates
  6. Attach the converted PST file directly to MS Outlook

To know more about this software, please visit SysinfoTools Software  website and download the free demo version of this software.

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