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Microsoft offers Indian Language in ‘Speech Corpus’

“On Sep, 6th Microsoft launched it’s Indian language “Speech Corpus” to help researchers and academia. This free data from Microsoft offers three Indian languages for advanced research in the various field.”
microsoft Speech Corpus

Microsoft has recently launched their update ‘Speech Corpus’ and it contains three languages i.e Telugu, Tamil and Gujarati which can be used by researchers and academia. It can be used to innovate new Indian language speech recognition applications. This is one of the largest publicly available speech dataset which includes audio and transcript says Microsoft.

“Microsoft Indian Language Speech Corpus is an extension of our ongoing efforts to reduce language barriers and empower Indians to harness the full potential of the Internet,” said Sundar Srinivasan, General Manager, Artificial Intelligence and Research, Microsoft India. This collection of free data ‘Speech Corpus’ could be employed to perform wide and deep research in different areas like natural language processing, computer vision, and domain-specific sciences.
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“Using our technology expertise, we want to accelerate innovation in voice-based computing for India by supporting researchers and academia,” says Srinivasan. Microsoft “Speech Corpus” was tested at Interspeech 2018 conference and results were mind-blowing. Also in Low Resource Speech Recognition Challenge associates used “Speech Corpus” to construct Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) systems which were fully functional.

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