Now Notifications Will Be On Your Wrist With This Android Update

If you have an android wear app then this news is for you as there is new update which will soon reach you, making easy to read your notifications.

A blog post from Google claims that there is an update which will soon hit your Android Wear App devices which will ultimately help users to read all of their notifications in a much easier way.

The new update will improve notification glance ability by upgrading the existing layout. The new layout will show you more messages and notifications at a glance. So from now on, your watch will have less blank space when a notification appear.

In addition to it, Google is also planning to make the background darker helping users to read notifications easily.

We still haven’t seen or tested this update however, if we trust the news then this feature will surely help you and other users to track their notifications easily without getting their phone out of their pocket.

Google has said that the update will be available in the next few days however Google didn’t mentioned the list of devices it will support. Which suggests that it will come to and support all devices.

Keep an eye on your Android Wear app on your phone as it is said that this update will not come on your wrist.

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