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How to Open MDB / ACCDB Files Without Password

  • Published on:  February 21st, 2019
  • Updated on:  March 7, 2022
  • Read Time:  4 minutes

Articles Summary: So here I am again going to tell you some of the best techniques and procedures that many of you don’t know. So today, I have come up with a topic where I would share with you How to open MDB files without Password. So to know more keep reading.

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I guess all of you have heard about the MS Access database.

But do you know, in which format MS Access stores all your data?

Its MDB files. MDB file is one of the most important data in your MS Access database as it stores and saves all your data. And that is why many users try to password protect it to secure it from breaching. All though doing it may lead to some serious repercussions.

One of the most faced issues is losing your password or forgetting it.

So now the question is bypass an Access database password?

A password encrypted data is hard to access and sometimes it basically means data loss. It is an impossible task to get back the same old data if you cannot recall the exact password.

But worry not.. as I will now tell you how you can access your MS Access MDB / ACCDB files even without a password.

So let’s start:

How To Open or View MDB / ACCDB Data Without a Password

Let’s not complicate it and the first thing that you need to do is try and reveal your password with a good software. And if that doesn’t work then try to decrypt your MS Access database file in order to bypass the MDB password.

  • Reveal Your MDB Password with MS Access Password Recovery tool
  • Bypassing MDB files password

Let’s now check out the steps and see how to do the above-mentioned methods

Reveal Your MDB Password with MS Access Password Recovery tool

So in this technique, first you have to select a good password recovery tool to recover or view the data.

However, the major problem with this technique is that there are zillions of good, bad and pathetic online applications available and selecting one between them is a tough ask.

So if you go as per my suggestion, then I would suggest you to go for SysInfo MDB password Recovery Application.

I have used this tool a couple of times and found it very effective until now.

The software is really effective in letting you know the password which you kept for your MS Access MDB or ACCDB files.
And the best part of this application is that it provides users a demo version as well which you can download it from the main website linked above.

The demo / free version will help you evaluate the tool and lets you view the first 02 characters of your password.
Trust me, this preview feature will help you in remembering back the password.
If you can recall the first 02 characters there are chances that you might recall the complete password as well.
So download the free version and use it once.
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How To Use The Software

Step 01: Download and launch the software

Step 02: Select the MS Access MDB files that you want to decrypt

Step 03: Now click on Recover Password to start the password recovery process

Step 04: And the software will show you the password in the given box. You can copy that password and use it to open your password protected MDB or ACCDB files

Note: It’s a Windows-based tool and doesn’t run on MAC or Linux.

Bypassing MDB Files Password

To bypass your database password follow the below steps:

Step 01: Launch your MS Access app

Step 02: Go to Open Other Files, and then click OpenBrowse
Note: If you are using MS Access 2010 or older versions, just go to File and click on Open

Step 03: Now select the encrypted MDB files that you want to decrypt & click the drop-down arrow next to the Open button and select Open Exclusive

Step 04: In the Enter Database Password, simply enter the database password and click on Ok

Step 05: Now go to File tab & click on Decrypt Database as soon as your MDB/ACCDB files open in Exclusive mode

Step 06: Now in the Unset Database Password dialog box, simply type the password and click OK button. This will automatically decrypt your MDB or ACCDB files

From next time onwards, with the help of this second technique, the Password Required dialog box will not pop up in your screen. And this is how you can easily bypass an Access database password.

Hope, know you have a fair idea on how to open/view MDB files without a password.

Hope this article helps.

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