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PDF File Recovery- Ways to Repair Corrupted PDF Documents!

Once the PDF file gets corrupted, then it becomes inaccessible and the chances of data corruption increase. In this article, we will discuss about PDF file recovery, the benefit of using PDF, causes of PDF file corruption, last but not the least method for how to fix corrupt PDF documents.

Nowadays, Portable Document Format file (or PDF) is one of the best options to exchange your important data safely without any content alterations over the internet. It is broadly used computer file format for personal and business level to share and save encrypted PDF documents online. With quick technological development on the fly increasingly approaches to access images and text online by means of internet is quickened, subsequently expanding the utilization of PDF file formats for all sort of e-communication. As PDF file has been an element of public attraction just because of multiple advanced features that are discussed below:

Advantages of PDF Files:

  1. File Encryption Facility: Data can be of any kind like simple or confidential and it’s quite risky to share via internet service as they can be edited or deleted by someone. Therefore, PDF file have the inbuilt feature to encrypt data like images, tables, texts and more by encrypting the PDF file before sending it.
  2. Stops Unauthorized Access: Since, PDF files contains data encryption facility due to which the save text and images gets secured and can’t be easily decoded or used by the unauthentic user.
  3. Platform Independent: The plus point of using PDF file is that it can be easily accessed on Unix, Linux, Mac and Windows platforms.
  4. Reduce Storage Space: PDF files can be effectively compacted for space use.
  5. Easy to Share: PDF files can be easily shared or exchanged over the web without any data modifications.
  6. Safe and Secure File Format: PDF file sis the most secured file format with content safety assurance.

But unfortunately, by the cause of logic or human errors, the PDF files gets corrupted. So to get rid of this issue, it’s important to repair broken PDF files as soon as probable. But before that let’s have a look the common causes of corrupt PD files.

Common Errors that Pop-ups During PDF File Corruption:

Whenever, you confront with PDF file corruption, then it always display a dialog -box with the specific reason. Here are some different errors that will help you to identify corrupt PDF files issues.

  • PDF File not readable with your software
  • Root object is invalid or missing
  • There was an error processing this page
  • File is damaged or corrupt
  • Format error- Not a PDF File or Corrupted
  • There was an error opening this document
  • It contains info not understood by the viewer
  • PDF file is displaying error message that “file is corrupt or damaged”.
  • Incomplete or unsuccessful repartitioning of hard disk drive.

Reasons Behind Corruption of PDF Files:

PDF files can be easily damaged due to a various physical and logical reasons. Some other reasons for the PDF files corruption are explained below:

  1. Improper Downloading: If you tries to download a PDF file and suddenly if disturbance or failure occurs over the internet connection, then the PDF files downloading process can corrupt the file.
  2. PDF corruption during sharing or transfer: If the internet connection turned off while PDF file transfer, then the receiver may receive the corrupted PDF file.
  3. Virus infection: If the local machine is influenced from the virus, then it can easily corrupt PDF document stored in the system.
  4. Hard drive failure: Unfortunately, due to any reason your hard drive containing PDF files gets corrupted, then surely your saved PDF files will get damaged.
  5. Corruption while creating or saving PDF file: Due to Power outage at the time of creating or saving the PDF file can also make them corrupt.
  6. Application Errors: If the software on which you are trying to access your PDF file is corrupted, then your PDF file can easily gets damaged.

Easy Methods to  Repair PDF File:

  1. Online PDF File Repair
  2. Commercial PDF Repair Tool

Method 1: Online PDF File Repair

In the Online method, you just need to upload your corrupt PDF file. Once it gets upload and clicks on Repair option. After repair process completion, you can download that PDF file and save on your computer. Some of the online PDF repairing sites are as follows:

  2. Adobe Acrobat Pro

Method 2: Commercial PDF Repair Tool

If you fail to repair corrupt PDF file by the help of online method, then Try PDF Recovery Tool that is safe, powerful, and easy-to-use program. The PDF file recovery tool effectively restores images, texts, tables and other content from the corrupted, deleted, or formatted  PDF files. It also effectively repairs majorly damaged PDF documents created by any version of Adobe Acrobat tool. The batch recovery feature helps to repair and recover more than one corrupt PDF file at a time using Standard and Advanced Recovery Modes.

The best part is that they have translated their website  in five different languages. So if you are not good with English then you may read the PDF Repair Tool details in





and German

Few Tips to Prevent PDF File Corruption:

  • Check internet connection before transferring or downloading PDF files.
  • Always keep your local machine updated with some trustworthy anti-virus software.
  • Maintain your hardware and software of the local machine time to time.
  • Make sure there should be no power supply interruption during creating or saving PDF documents.
  • Be careful while creating a PDF file because maximum PDF files gets corrupted at the time of creation.

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