PST to EML Conversion Manually – Step by Step Tutorial

Email conversion is always necessary if you’re switching from one email client to another one. Generally, email clients don’t support same formats, so you can’t directly import the files. In this blog post, we’ll discuss on PST to EML conversion, i.e. why it’s important and how to perform PST to EML conversion.

PST to EML File Conversion

We’ve discussed about PST File in our previous blog post. Firstly, let’s know about the EML file format. The EML file format is an E-mail Message file which is widely used in “Microsoft Outlook Express” application bundled with various Microsoft Operating Systems from version Windows 98 to Windows XP. The Outlook Express saves each email message in the EML file format. The EML file format also used by other E-mails clients such as Thunderbird in Windows, Linux and in Mac. The EML files can be open in Internet Explorer. The successors of Outlook Express in newer version of Microsoft Windows are Windows Mail in Vista, Windows Live Mail in Win 7, and Windows Essentials in Win 10.

Things you must know about PST and EML files

  • A PST file organise or store complete mailbox of data and EML file is just for saving E-mail message.
  • Outlook application imposes a file size limitation on PST however in EML is limitless for storing a single mail.
  • An EML looks unorganized whereas PST represented mailbox data in a tree hierarchy.
  • PST file is more prominent than EML because of availability on most of the mail clients.
  • Outlook Application is required to access PST file whereas EML can only open in either Internet Explorer or in Outlook Express.

Manual Trick for PST to EML Conversion 

The below procedures in this manual might looks tedious to perform. But you just need some patience and follow the steps for PST to EML conversion. For techies it is so simple and easy to perform too. Before starting, ensures that you have taken your files backup and keep in a safe location.

Now, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download Mozilla Thunderbird version 17.09 a free E-mail client application and install it on your system.

Step 2: Create a new mail account or choose and exiting one. I have setup my Gmail account.

pst to eml conversion-1

Step 3: Configure manually by, providing incoming (IMAP) and outgoing (SMTP) server address and SSL port number for your web account. I have configured my account with Gmail.

pst to eml conversion-2

Step 4: Wait till the mails are synchronized from the web account. Go to Tools and select Import option.


Step 5: Select type of material to import. I have imported only mail file. Click Next.


Step 6: Select Outlook and then Click Next.


Step 7: Mail importing process may take a bit of time depending upon the PST size.


Step 8: Now import process has been successfully completed. Click Finish.


Step 9: Select Outlook import from left pan and mail folder (Inbox). Select all mails (Ctrl+A) and choose “Save As” option by right clicking of mouse.


Step 10: Specify the destination folder path to save output EML file. Find the converted EML files from windows explorer.


Hope you’ve successfully performed PST to EML conversion without causing any changes or damage to the original mailbox.

                          This trick involves some critical steps where users may get errors, and of course PST to EML conversion is a time consuming task. This manual method lacking a lot of features which you can find only in smart professional tools available in the market. I’ve previously used a tool for PST to EML conversion, to perform the same task. I’m extremely impressed with its unmatched features and high-class performance. It takes hardly a couple of minutes to convert PST to EML format without causing any changes or alteration, not even a single bit in a original file.

Professional Tool for PST to EML Conversion

If you want to convert PST to EML format via a professional tool, I’ll recommend you to try PST to EML Converter tool provided by SysInfoTools Software. This tool is designed and developed meticulously for those users, who seldom switch their e-mail client. PST to EML conversion tool also provide extremely advance features which you hardly find in any software. An example of such feature is “Auto searching” of PST file inside Windows Explorer and hard-drive.

Features of PST to EML Converter are:

  1. Instant PST to EML conversion with no time
  2. Perform single or multiple conversion simultaneously with no time
  3. Auto searching of PST file inside the Windows Explorer
  4. Date-Range option to converter file as per the users’ defined range
  5. An intuitive and interactive interface make it user friendly
  6. It works on all major version of outlook
  7. Support windows operating from Win NT to Win 10
  8. Automatic updates for newly available features