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How To Recover Excel Files From USB/Pen Drive

  • Published on:  October 30th, 2017
  • Read Time:  4 minutes

Facing issues with your MS Excel files?
Deleted any Excel file?
or facing inaccessible MS Excel files?
or cannot access your important files stored in USB or Pen drive?
And want to know “How to recover Excel files from USB/pen drive?”

So if you are facing any such issues then this article is for you. Here we will be sharing with you some of the best techniques to resolve or recover corrupt Excel files from pen drive or USB.

Excel is a commonly used application for creating charts, monthly reports, pivot tables, organizing data and even to present figures. We all know how important Excel is in our day to day life. From big corporations to small firms, everyone uses MS Excel for the kind of features it provides. Not only this, even to calculate our monthly expenses, we use Microsoft Excel.

Being an important file format there are certain circumstances where we accidentally delete these files or cannot open the Excel files due to corruption or any unseen errors. One of the major reason for this is that we save these files in a virus-infected system of pen drive/USB.
Note: If your system or USB is infected by a virus and your Excel files are stored in it. Then there are good chances that your files may get corrupted which would lead to inaccessible data.

Pen drive/USB storage devices also play an important part in our daily life as it allows us to store and carry our important data without any hassle. They are small, affordable and compatible with every device and that is why a widely used device to store and transfer data from one system to another.

But have you ever thought, what will happen if your storage device is corrupted with virus? If something like this happens, then there are great chances that your data might become inaccessible.

So how to recover Excel files from a virus infected USB/pen drive. One technique that many of use is by removing the virus with the help of an antivirus. But there is a small glitch with this technique and that is the antivirus might also delete the virus infected files.
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So How Can Anyone Recover Excel Files From Virus Infected USB/Pen Drive

There are several techniques through which you can easily repair & recover corrupted MS Excel files from virus infected files.

Restoring Excel Files

Restoring your Excel files is one of the best option to repair corrupt or inaccessible Excel files. But this works only when your system’s Windows Backup option is enabled or else this technique will not work and you all not be able to recover excel files from USB/Pen drive.

So let’s check the step by step technique:

  • Connect your USB/Pen drive
  • Go to ‘My Computer’
  • Browse and locate the Excel file folder
  • Right click on it and select ‘Restore previous versions’
  • Now you will see a list of available versions. Select the version and click on ‘Restore’

Using Command Line To Recover Excel Files

Recover corrupt Excel Files From Pen Drive USB

This technique should be your first choice to recover corrupt Excel files from virus infected pen drive as this is the most effective solution for this types of issues.

  • Connect your pen drive to your system
  • Go to ‘search box’ and type ‘CMD’
  • Now in the new window type: attrib -h -r -s /s /d G:\*.*” and hit ‘Enter’
  • Now your Windows will start repairing your pen drive. And once it gets completed you can recover your corrupt/inaccessible Excel files

Using An Excel Recovery Software

For all my clients who face Excel corruption, I always suggest them to go for this Excel Recovery Software. And I never got any negative feedback.

It is an advanced version software to resolve any types of corruption in your Excel files. So even if your Excel files are stored in your USB it will be able to recover Excel files from USB/Pen drive. Loaded with advanced recovery algorithm, it supports MS Excel files save in .xls as well as .xlsx format. It can recover maximum possible data from corrupt MS Excel files with all its contents like Unicode characters, texts, images, notes, cell data, graphs, tables and so on.

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Hope, you liked this article, and if need any help on the following mentioned steps kindly mention it in the comment section.

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