How to Recover Photoshop File After Crash?

There are chances that if you are a blogger, photographer or designer, you might be using Adobe Photoshop. And there are stuations, when your files gets deleted or corrupted accidentally or due to system crash. So let’s now see how you can easily recover photoshop file after crash.

People around the world have been using Adobe Photoshop tool to create & edit images, creating web designs, 3D artwork and so on. Some people use this tool extensively on a daily basis for both personal as well as professional work.

We have been using photoshop to design templates for magazines, catalogs, editorials, newspaper, animations and so on.

Unfortunately, there are situations when we facesystem crash, which in some cases can cause your unsaved PSD files to be deleted or corrupted.

If you are working with various plugins or add-ins, or large files, then problems in PSD files can occur. These files are lost when Photoshop user forgets to save the changes in PSD files or just accidentally delete the files.

If you forgot to save your PSD files or your system crashes before saving these files, then it becomes a nightmarish situation. Below are the ways to recover unsaved photoshop files. So let’s move ahead and see what are these methods.

How to recover photoshop file after crash:

There are four thechniques through which you can do the same:

  • Using “Open Recent” Technique
  • Recovering from Backup
  • Recovering data through temp files
  • Using PSD File Recovery Software tool

Method 1: “Open Recent” Technique

You can easily follow the steps given below to retrieve your PSD files with the help of this technique:

  1. Open Adobe Photoshop
  2. Open the File menu and select “Open recent” from the drop-down menu.
  3. You can view your recent files.
  4. Now click on the required PSD file and restore it back.

Method 2: Recovering from Backup

For this, you have to create backup initially before starting work. You can use Windows backup utility feature to create a backup of PSD or save it to some external device.

If you have created backup already, it is a matter of seconds within which you can recover your Photoshop  files. Just follow these below given steps:

  1. Right click on the“My Computer” and select“Properties”
  2. Move to the left panel and select the“ System Protection” option.
  3. In“Protection Settings”, make sure that it is“ON”
  4. Now click on the“Create Restore Point”
  5. Enter the name and tap ok to restore your PSD files.

Method 3: Using temp files

Follow the steps given below to restore crashed PSD files.

  1. Open the hard drive containing your saved PSD files.
  2. Now, navigate to“Documents and Settings.”
  3. Go to the folder with your username and then open Local settings
  4. And then find the “Temp” folder and look for your PSD files
  5. Locate the files and open them in Photoshop.
  6. Change the extension of files from .temp to .psd and save.

However, if these techniques doesn’t work then the only way through which you can recover your Photoshop files is by using a professional Photoshop file recovery software

Method 4:  By using PSD File Recovery Software tool.

By using the above three methods you can try to get back your lost PSD files for free.

But, there are chances that your files are not fully recovered by the above methods. These methods are also difficult for a nontechnical person to implement. So, I would suggest you use this smart tool called the Sysinfo Photoshop file recovery software. All your lost PSD files will be fully recovered and it doesn’t need any technical expertise to run. It’s easy and offers full recovery of PSD files.

  1. Support bulk recovery of PSD Files, PSB files and PDD files
  2. Recovers all the layers of PSD Files.
  3. Compatible with all the versions of Adobe Photoshop such as CS5, CS4, CS3, CS2, CS1
  4. Compatible with all major Windows operating systems i.e. 98, 2000, XP, Vista, Win 7, 8, and the latest Win 10

You can even download this free tool from here:

Free Download

The bottom line:

Losing your hard work in the form of photoshop files can be difficult and stressful. The above given manual methods can solve your problem of recovering unsaved photoshop files. But, these methods have their limitations and full recovery is not guaranteed. So, in my opinion, getting back lost PSD files with the help of Photoshop Recovery tool is a great option. The demo version of the software is present online for free.  It’s easy to download and can be used easily even by a novice.

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