How to Resolve Exchange Database Corruption Using Eseutil

We all know that Exchange Server is a type of Mail server or Calendaring server created by Microsoft. It helps small and medium scale companies to store their data on the database of the Exchange server. 

This server provides users the better reliability and performance in the process of accessing the server data. It is also called a server-side application that provides data to the user-side application platform. And this can run on the Windows server operating systems. 

Exchange Server provides multiple features to the users such as sending emails, calendaring, scheduling, voicemail storing, and software to customize the mail & calendars. But sometimes, many threats are roaming around to corrupt the database, and by all these threats may Exchange database corruption. 

Hence In this article, we will discuss the different methods by which we handle the exchange server corruption. Additionally, going for the solution. Let’s look at the major causes that create damage on the exchange server. 

Reasons for Exchange Database Corruption

  • Internet Connection may not establish properly. 
  • Code error on the exchange server
  • Attacks of hackers or viruses. 
  • Directly Shutdown of the system. 
  • Corruption of some internal files of the exchange server. 
  • Manufacturing issues of server. 
  • Constant perform changes in the schema. 

These are some possible reasons users may face while working with an exchange database server. Therefore, to free users from these factors of damage. Here I introduce the techniques by which they fix the exchange database corruption. 

Technique 1: Resolve Corruption of Exchange Server using Eseutil

Eseutil is an inbuilt tool within the Exchange Server and uses to recover and repair the exchange database server from corruption or damage. It defragments the errors present in the server and recovers them completely. It is also opted to check database integrity and reduce the size of the database server.

By default exchange server located at C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15\Bin

These are the functions performed by the Eseutil software on the Exchange database server:

First: Eseutil /p: It is used to repair database files from corruption or damage.

Second: Eseutil /d: Used to perform offline defragmentation on Exchange mailbox database. Furthermore, opt for working on the selected database.

Third: Eseutil /r: Utilize to recover data of the specific database from exchange server files.

Fourth: Eseutil /k: To perform a checksum on different pages of the database. 

Fifth: Eseutil /g: Uses to perform data integrity on the selected database.

Sixth: Eseutil /c: To restore database files during the online backup.

Seventh: Eseutil /m: For showing the headers of checkpoint file, database files, and log files.

Eighth: Eseutil /y: To copy the large no of files from the database. 

If there is any corruption or damage in the structure of exchange server database files, then the Eseutil tool is used to fix the multiple errors. Therefore, to perform the recovery from the exchange database corruption. Firstly you have to perform defragmentation on the database.

#1 Dismount the database from the Exchange server.

Dismount-database-Identity <name of the database file>

#2 Now, run Eseutil /d command on the database

eseutil /d <name of the database file> /T <destination of temporary path>

#3 When you successfully run the Eseutil command of dismount and defragment, mount the database file back to the Exchange server.

Mount-Database-Identity <name of the database file>

#4 After that, Repair the database file using the Eseutil /p command

eseutil /p <path of the database file>

#5 At last, run the mailbox repair request command to fix the exchange database corruption.

New-MailboxRepairRequest-Database <name of the database file>-corruption type <type of corruption in the databse>

You can use this command to fix the error of the exchange server database.  And repair the database file from corruption.

Technique 2: Fix Exchange Server Corruption using the Third-Party Tool

Sysinfo EDB to PST Converter is used to recover EDB files from the exchange server database. This software provides features to the users in securing Exchange mailboxes and exports them in different file formats such as PST, HTML, TXT, MSG, RTF, EML, PDF, etc. It is compatible with multiple MS Exchange 2019 and Windows 10 OS versions from the latest to earlier.


As we understand, the exchange server provides users the better reliability and performance in accessing the server data. In some cases, there are chances of exchange database corruption. Thereupon to fix these issues, we learn the manual and professional method by which users can recover data from the corrupted exchange or damaged database files.

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