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Status of Tiktok and Wechat Apps in US – Banned or Not?

President Trump had issued executive orders to ban two major Chinese apps from the market. This has raised users’ concerns about the status of WeChat in US and also about the status of TikTok in US. How this decision of the US government to ban these Chinese apps is going to change the course of the internet dependent consumer industry- can be seen in the following article. Let us first get to know about the owners of both: TikTok and WeChat.

Owner of : WeChat and TikTok

One of Asia’s largest companies, Tencent is the owner of WeChat. It holds a market value of over $600 billion under the leadership of its CEO, Ma Huateng, better known as Pony Ma. You must have used it for texting, voice, video calls, reading news, bill payments, taxis, and even games. These activities have bestowed WeChat as a ‘Super App’ in China. Most important point is that the same Chinese companies, namely Tencent Holdings own WeChat and ByteDance(TikTok’s parent company).

As we have seen, there are a large number of users that use these apps but, the major problems that led to the US trust issues had to be seen next.

Issues with TikTok and WeChat

The US government has ‘Distrust’ these Chinese apps and wants them to be removed from the US App Store. 

The social app TikTok is used for sharing short user-film video clips. Most popularly, it targets the teenager’s section of society with an estimate of 100 million users in the US and many more around the world.

Just like TikTok, WeChat too captures whole information about its users. It is considered a US national security threat. This collection of data permits Chinese communist party access to personal and proprietary information of Americans. With the use of these apps, the Chinese Communist party is keeping tabs on all Chinese citizens enjoying free society benefits in the US. Recently, WeChat has been proven guilty by the Toronto-based research group Citizen Lab of using its platform for censoring keywords about the coronavirus outbreak.

The core American concern is that the Chinese government may use this data for Espionage or Blackmail and they censor political speech. Furthermore, it can be utilized to spread misinformation. Hence, Trump has filed an Executive order for Americans to prohibit from carrying out any transactions with the parent companies of TikTok and WeChat. In other words:

Status of TikTok in the US: Tiktok banned (After 15 September 2020)

Status of WeChat in the US: US ban WeChat( After 15 September 2020 )

Now, the end-users are looking out for other possible options to use in place of these Chinese Apps.

5 Best Alternative Apps for Tiktok and Wechat

You can use many substitutes for text messaging, voice notes, and video calls on your Android, iOS, Windows 10 devices, Mac, and Windows computers. This is the list of good viable alternatives that we can use in place of these two(Tiktok & WeChat) apps:

Wechat Alternatives:

  • WhatsApp for Android
  • Viber
  • Telegram 6.3.1
  • The line for Android 10.7.1
  • The line for Mac/iOS 6.2.1

TikTok Alternatives:

  • Dubsmash
  • Triller
  • Chingari
  • Mitron
  • Funimate


Trump’s decision to Tiktok ban in the USA and support the ban of Wechat, is going to be a major game-changer for the status of TikTok in US as well as the status of WeChat in US for the app market. But there are already many apps available that can work in place of these apps that we have stated in this blog.

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