How do I Sync Google Calendar With Outlook & Later Open it in PST Format?

Google has discontinued its calendar sync in the year 2014 and this made it really difficult to sync google calendar with Outlook.  Suppose if you have written something to remember but then after sometime forgot where you have written it. What if you write something wherever you want and then magically appear in one place? Most of the people still need to synchronize google calendar with outlook. Here we will discuss how you can do it. There are several reasons people want to sync Google Calendar in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2010, 2007 and 365.

Reasons to Sync Outlook and Google Calendar

  • If you use two Calendars for two different purposes, sync outlook with google calendar.
  • If you work on two different jobs, and you use outlook for one and google calendar for the other. You need to sync Outlook with google calendar to have an ease to access.
  • If with your team members in the office, you use Google calendar for collaboration and you want to see it in MS Outlook then syncing Google calendar and outlook may be the way out for you.
  • Managing two calendars is difficult.

How to sync google calendar with Outlook: Export & Import?

There are two ways to export and import. First is to export the calendar from Outlook and Import it to Google Calendar. And the second, to export from Google calendar and Import it to Outlook.

Export from Outlook and Import to Google Calendar.

  • To your MS Outlook account, Go to File.
  • Click on Open & Export.
  • Select Import/Export.
  • Choose Export to a file from dialog box.
  • Choose “Comma Separated Values”.
  • Select “Calendar Folder”.
  • Click on Browse to pick a file from Outlook and hit “Next”.

Import the file to Google Calendar

  • Login to Google Calendar.
  • In front of “Other Calendars” Click on + Button and choose Import.
  • Select the file you have downloaded from Outlook.
  • Click Import.

Export from Google and Import to Outlook

  • Go to My Calendars.
  • Click on three dots and select Settings and Sharing option.
  • Type in the File Description on the Calendar Settings page and hit Export.
  • A Zip file will be downloaded containing your Google calendar.

Import Google calendar to Outlook :

  • Click on File.
  • Select Open & Export.
  • Click on Import and Export.
  • Choose “ Import an iCalender or vCalendar file.
  • Select the Google Calendar file to Import.
  • On the dialog box, Select Import.
  • To import the Calendar, Click on Save.

You will find the imported file in the Other Calendars section.

Subscribe to Google Calendar with Outlook 2019/365

This is another way to sync Google calendar with Outlook. This method would help you to get current data from the Outlook Calendar. You can also subscribe to any team member’s calendar in terms of viewing any relevant information. Once you subscribe to any Calendar, you link it to your Calendar. If the content changes, then it will affect your own Calendar.

  • Login to Google Calendar and Click on three dots.
  • Select Settings and Sharing Option.
  • Go to the integrate calendar section and copy the secret address in iCal format.

Next Process is to add the copied link to Outlook.

  • Go to Calendar View.
  • You get to see Shared calendars, right-click on it and Choose Add Calendars option. 

After it Choose From Internet… option

  • In the dialog box, Paste the Copied link. Then hit OK
  • In Confirmation window, Click Yes.

How to Open Google Calendar in Outlook PST?

Manual methods might be complex and more time-consuming. To overcome this you can use a third party Sysinfotools Gmail Backup Tool to open Google calendar in Outlook PST easily without any hassle. This smart software allows you to export Gmail items to Outlook PST format. With the help of this amazing wizard, users can export Google Gmail emails, calendars, notes, journals, etc to PST without any prior tech knowledge. You can also enjoy some amazing features that help to add google calendar to Outlook and simplify the exporting process and within a few minutes, the process gets completed.

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Above we have discussed how you can sync Google Calendar with outlook 219/2016. You can Import and Export the calendar from one application to the other as discussed in manual methods and you can also use third-party professional software to ease the difficulty and complexity in adding Google calendar to Outlook.

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