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30 Technical Myths or Misconceptions That You Need To Stop Assuming Right Now

  • Published on:  January 21st, 2021
  • Updated on:  January 27, 2021
  • Read Time:  12 minutes

Misconception / Myths / Rumors et cetera et cetera circulated like wildfire. Thus, it’s very important to know what the actual truth is. In this tech essay, we have included 30 such technical myths about technology that people still believe.

You will be very surprised about the terms that you are still believing in are all myths or misconceptions about technology. Read till last and don’t miss the number one.

30. Removing USB devices without using a safe removal process will corrupt your USB device/computer 

It’s a myth that plugging a USB device in your computer enables the ‘safe remove’ option, but is it really important to safely remove your USB devices, and what if you don’t do it? It doesn’t value if you use this option or not as long as you are not transferring data while unplugging it. 

Therefore, if your USB device is idle, you can remove it directly without any worries. 

29. Always charge your battery from 0% to 100% 

Before the discovery of lithium-ion and lithium polymer batteries, it was recommended to charge your battery from 0% to 100% to maintain its life cycle. Despite, for modern-day batteries, this charging cycle is not only harmful but can even reduce its life. 

Therefore, what is the best way of charging your battery? If you require your battery to last as much as possible, you need to give it small top-ups and never let it drain completely.

28. Typing the ‘HTTP’ address manually can save you from a phishing attack 

A phishing attacker tricks a victim into opening a malicious mail or website to steal personal data. That’s why a lot of people think that entering HTTP addresses manually can save them from such attacks. 

However, this is also a technical myth as an attacker can also inject a malicious code that may redirect you to a malicious website.

27. More cores in processors mean better performance 

If you think that higher core numbers mean better processing power, let me tell you, it’s a myth. A processor’s performance mostly depends upon what kind of technology is used in manufacturing that processor. 

Thus, a quad-core processor can perform even better compared to an octa-core processor.

26. Bigger file size means better video/audio quality 

Let’s assume it while downloading video or audio files we always look for large files thinking that the larger file will have better quality compared to smaller files. 

Yet this is not true as the size of files depends upon the compression and not the quality. Thus, a small file can also be of high quality, on the other hand, a large file can be of bad quality.

25. Constantly charging your battery degrades your battery performance

This misconception says exactly the opposite of what is true. Nowadays batteries are made in such a way that they perform better when charged regularly. Therefore, every time you feel like plugging in your smartphone, do it without any worries.

24. Charging a battery with power banks will affect battery life 

Most people think that if they charge their device with a power bank it will hamper or affect the phone’s battery life. This is also a myth, which means you can charge your phone with a wall socket or a power bank without any worries.

23. Magnets will erase your data on hard drives 

If you are a James bond fan you must have seen things like destroying hard drive data with a magnet. However, if you think this is possible, let me make you understand that it’s a story and small magnets are not capable enough to mess with your hard drive. 

Though, powerful magnets like the ones in a CT scanner can surely damage your hard drive and can even corrupt the data in it.

22. Always use chargers that come in your smartphone box 

Always use the same charger that came in your phone’s box because using another charger may damage your phone? Well, again that’s a myth. Anyone can use any charger from a known brand, just make sure that the output voltage on both of the chargers remains the same.

21. Fast or Quick charging is bad for your phone’s battery 

Many people think fast charging is bad for their phone’s battery and their battery will lose its capacity after some time. Though this is not the case exactly, today’s batteries are capable of receiving power at a much faster rate.

Advanced chargers can also deliver a high amount of current to charge the battery faster. But that does not mean that there will be any adverse effect on the performance or life cycle of the battery.

20. Turning your phone off, or Putting it on Airplane mode will prevent you from getting hacked/tracked

Tech Hackers need a medium to communicate with your device to hack it. Hence, will turning Airplane mode on or completely switching off your device will prevent from hackers getting into it? Seemingly not. As if your device is already been hacked, switching off or turning on Airplane mode may not help.

19. Platforms like Google, FB, Whatsapp, etc are 100% free 

If you think that social services like Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. are free to use, you were living your whole life with a lie. Those services may appear free to use at first but they use your data and follows your activity to show you ads that make a revenue for them.

18. Refreshing your PC will make it run faster 

This myth is general among people, and most of the users still believe that refreshing their computer will make it run faster. If it’s a myth, then what does the refresh button do? Thus, it turns out that clicking that refresh button does not refresh your whole computer.

Doing this only refreshes the screen you are on and it only looks if something is added or removed from that particular screen. Like, if you copied something on your desktop and it’s not showing you that file, refreshing the desktop will make it appear there.

17. Charging phone on Airplane mode helps to faster-charging speeds  

‘Putting your smartphone in Airplane mode while charging can make your phone charge quicker as it stops all the communication services.’ Everyone must have heard people talking about it, but is it not true. By turning on Airplane mode does stop all the services, it does not affect the charging speed much. 

Maybe a difference of 3 to 4 minutes can be seen but don’t forget that doing this will stop all your communications. Therefore, the price you have to pay is greater than the benefits that you receive, the decision is yours. 

16. Updating smartphone assures great performance

Many of us think that updating our smartphones regularly will ensure that we get the best performance out of our devices. Yet that’s not the case every time. A buckboard update can ruin your experience. Therefore, don’t rush to update your smartphone as soon as it arrives.

15. Virus can’t attack Mac computers 

Again a tech myth that many people still believe. Multiple Mac users think that a virus can’t attack and affect their system. But A virus can affect both PCs and Mac computers.

Nevertheless, PCs are targeted more often compared to Macs because the number of windows users is much higher than mac users. 

14. Apps from the Play Store and App Store are 100% safe 

To guarantee your security, smartphones don’t allow you to install apps outside your app store. Though it does not mean that apps you install from the app store or play store are 100% safe. 

A number of cases are there when these app stores removed apps from their platform because they were not secure. Hence, you should never install apps from unknown developers.

13. Utilizing smartphones at the petrol pump can lead to an explosion 

Several signs at the petrol pumps are there which says using the phone in this area is prohibited. One reason for this caution is that a spark caused by your phone’s battery can lead to an explosion. But there was a small chance of this happening, this is not the case anymore with modern smartphones.

12.  Antivirus software is a must for smartphones 

Tell me the best way of restricting your devices from viruses? An antivirus software, one would respond. But first, answer me does your smartphone need an antivirus? Apparently not. iPhone or Android OS is built in such a way that viruses can’t harm the way they affect your computer systems.

11. Transmission from cell phone causes cancer 

Y’all must have heard about this common myth that says radiation from cell phones can cause cancer. Some officials bodies also questioned the SAR values of different smartphones, saying that the radiation emitted from them can cause cancer. But, no study was able to prove that.

10. It’s Impossible to track you if you use Incognito mode while browsing 

Several people think incognito mode can save them from getting tracked, but you should know that it’s a misconception. While you turn incognito mode on, you can easily find information that tells you that your browser will not save history, cookies and site data, and information entered in forms.

But in the same scenario, it also says that authorizations and websites that you use will be able to track you. Thus, next time keep in mind that you are not hidden from the world while you are perusing in incognito mode. 

9. Overnight charging leads to a battery explosion 

This misconception came into reality after a few smartphones exploded while charging. This common technical myth was all over people’s mind because of which they stopped charging their smartphone overnight. But is it true? The easiest answer to this question is ‘No’.

Every modern smartphone comes with smart circuits that cut off power as soon as the battery hits the 100% mark. Hence, it doesn’t matter if you charge your phone for 2 hours or 20 hours, your mobile battery will not explode because of overcharging.

8. Removing background apps leads to better performance 

Here is a popular myth that clearing background apps will make your smartphone work faster. Though, your smartphone’s operating system works differently. And the OS present in your smartphone is smarter than you think, it automatically closes apps from the background as soon as it needs more resources. 

At the same time, when you clear apps from the background, your device takes even longer to open it again. Don’t believe it? Attempt it yourself. 

7. Rooting your smartphone is illegal

As you know rooting is a process where the user removes restrictions to overcome the limitations set by manufacturers on their OS. Therefore the process is legal, a user must know the complete process before attempting it.

6. The antivirus software gives you 100% security against viruses

When we buy a new computer, we install the latest antivirus thinking it will protect us against viruses. Despite the anti-virus software is effective in removing viruses from your computer system, but you can’t rely on them completely as every day a new type of virus tries to attack our system. 

Fortunately, most of these viruses are filtered and blocked, but if your antivirus program is not up to date, it won’t block the virus and your system will be infected.

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5. More bars mean better network quality 

Maximum of us still think that if our phone is showing the maximum number of network bars, it means that the quality of the network is excellent. Yet that’s not the actual case here. These network bars only indicate the network strength and not its quality.

For case, if you are near a mobile network tower, your phone will show maximum network bars but if a lot of people are connected with that same network, the status of the network will be weak which may result in call drops and slow internet speeds.

4. Changing Bluetooth and Wi-Fi off when not in use can save power

This is right that if you are actively using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, turning them off will save your battery. Nevertheless, if they are idle (not connected), turning them off won’t affect the battery life.

Nowadays advanced hardware used for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is so power-efficient that you don’t need to turn them off every time you don’t use them. 

3. Huge battery means better battery backup 

That obvious that a bigger battery can hold more power, but does it mean that it also produces a better battery backup? And the answer is ‘No’. It is right that a bigger battery can hold much more power, battery backup depends upon how it’s being used by the system. What does that indicate? Mobile or any device having a small battery can last longer if its OS is well optimized as compared to a device with a bigger battery and an unoptimized OS.

2. Bigger RAM means better performance 

A lot of people think that a higher amount of RAM in a device results in a great performance, and end up buying the wrong device. But, for smooth performance, there are several factors responsible.

Therefore, a device can’t be judged based on the amount of RAM it has. Truly, a higher amount of RAM can hold more applications in the background when compared to a device with less RAM. Thus, while selecting your next smartphone compare things like SOC and GPU.

1. More extra megapixels mean better picture quality 

Generally, digital Cameras are mostly judged on the number of megapixels they have, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. One only benefit of having more megapixels is that it gives you the ability to crop, zoom and print big posters.

So all these were some common technical myths or misconceptions about modern-day technology that people still believe but now you know that they are just myths.

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