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What to do When PDF Document Gets Corrupted?

In this blog, we will know why PDF document corrupted and how to repair corrupted PDF document. So, follow until the end.

PDF (Portable Document Format) file is the most common and popular file type that is supported by approx all the Operating Systems. It is a more secure file type because it could be password and watermark protected so that nobody can change anything in the document. But still, sometimes it  gets corrupted and when you try to access it then you can get the following error messages:

  • There was an error opening this document.
  • There was an error processing this page.
  • The file is damaged or corrupt.
  • The root object is invalid or missing.
  • PDF File not readable with your software. Etc.

Now, we will know some possible ways to access the corrupted PDF documents. If the pdf document corrupted highly then it may be possible to repair the entire PDF to restore it into the previous state. But before knowing the repairing techniques we will also know why PDF files get corrupted.

Why PDF Document Gets Corrupted?

There may be multiple reasons to be corrupt PDF files that are as follows:

  • Hard drive failure.
  • Download Issues.
  • Improper Shutdowns.
  • Issues while transferring the files.

How to Repair Corrupted PDF Document?

There are various methods to repair corrupted PDF files. See some best methods below:

1. Try Other PDF Readers to Open the PDF Files

If PDF files are not opening in the Adobe Acrobat then try other PDF readers to access your corrupt PDF files. There are various PDF file viewers, on the internet for free you can try any one of them. Some of the best PDF readers are as follows except Adobe Acrobat: Foxit Reader, Javelin PDF Reader, Google Drive, Nitro Reader, Sumatra PDF, etc.

2. Restore Previous Version of File

If the PDF files are on Windows 10 then there is already a backup inbuilt utility in it. You can access this utility by pressing Windows Key then go to Settings and navigate to Update & Security.

It is good if you have already enabled the Backup utility for safety. You can use the File History feature to recover the PDF file from the previous version. Now see the steps below to restore from the previous version:

i) Browse to the location/path where the corrupt PDF documents are saved and right-click on the file.

ii) Now, choose to Restore previous versions.

Restoring from the previous version can save you from scratch or lost but it is not a full-proof method that’s why you should try a third-party utility for the safety and security.

3. Recover Corrupted PDF Files Using a Third-Party Utility

After trying all the above-mentioned techniques that are not a full-proof method, the user should try the third-party utility to repair the corrupted PDF documents. PDF Recovery Tool is the best option to repair unlimited damaged PDF files with ease. This utility recovers corrupted PDF files including text, links, comments, images, bookmarks, tables, animations, diagrams, Unicode characters etc. It maintains the integrity of files, rebuilds corrupt PDF files on the system and is compatible with all the Windows operating systems. Some salient features of this utility are as follows:

Maintain accuracy, Batch Recovery, Smart recovery modes, Preserving file structure, recovery from external media, save extracted images and texts, etc.

Now, see the working process of this utility step by step below:

  • Download and launch the utility, click Browse and choose either single or multiple files, click Next.
  • Select a recovery mode, click Next.
  • After completing the scanning process, check the preview of recovered data, click Next.
  • Choose the location to save the recovered PDF files and click Save.
  • The saving process will be started and after completing the saving process new file will be saved to the defined location, click OK.


This was some techniques to repair corrupted PDF document. I have suggested the manual as well as an automated solution to fix the PDF corruption issue. If corruption is minor then the manual method is enough to resolve but the PDF files have completely corrupted then try a third-party utility to fix the corruption.

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