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AOL Instant Messenger Is Shutting Down, You Know Why?

Late 90’s and early 20’s it was all about AOL messenger. We used to chat, share knowledge, fixed dates and so on and the only option available that time was AOL instant messenger (AIM). Released in May 1997, it came as a standalone chat messenger after battling with giants like ICQ and the famous MSNĀ  messenger.

If you are a 90’s kid there will surely be a time when this messenger used to be a huge part of your life. However with the rise of chat services like Gchat and social networks like Facebook, Orkut with more advanced media sharing options and social interactions made AIM lose its usefulness.

Features of these social networks and other messengers are far more advanced and useful. You can create a diversified profile, interact with others, share files whereas in AIM it was all about one to one chat or occasional chat room conversations.

A product or a service need to be up to date and keeps changing with this ever changing world.

And if you are planning to sell the same old stuff you might run out of the business. And that is what happened with AIM.

Everything changed but AIM didn’t.

But as a 90’s kid I will still miss AIM.

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