Which Is The Best Free BKF File Extractor???

Hard Truth: Calamity could strike your system anytime, keeping you in jeopardize in a mere second. The right BKF or Backup recovery tool can save your day.

We all know how important is keeping a backup and most of us does it i.e. keep a backup of our Windows & system files. But the problem comes when the backup data becomes corrupted or inaccessible.
If it happens, what should anyone do?
The only option is to go for a backup Recovery Tool and that is why, I am here to tell you the best free BKF file extractor.

When you purchase a mobile you know it will eventually die or stop working one day. You don’t know when it would stop working but you just know that someday it will. Some mobile last only for months and some even last for years. And computers and its files are no different. You don’t when your files may get corrupted and becomes inaccessible but eventually it would happen. Usually when BKF files get corrupted, it’s not as simple as it seems to recover corrupt BKF files of Microsoft Windows.

The basic difference between a burned out mobile and your backup files is that you can replace your mobile and it is a minor convenience but the later can present you with a life changing ripple. Trust me, losing your important files is not a good experience. And the only cure is to repair and recover these corrupt BKF files. But recovering is not an easy task there are manual techniques which are there but as far as I have seen, they are not that effective. Small and medium corruption issues can be handled easily but for major corruption issues, you have to opt for a different solution. And the best way to recover these backup files is by using a BKF Extractor Tool or a Backup Recovery Tool.

Why Anyone Should Go for Free BKF File Extractorfree bkf file extractor

These days every new technology costs you a lot. There is no other backup option for that. The competition is high and the demand is too and due to this demand, the rates are also touching the skies. We all know, investing on a data recovery software that we don’t know can be a risk which might or might not work as per we want. So it is a much better option to go for a BKF file extractor free tool.
I guess, most of look for a best backup recovery software free solution and the major reason is what I have mentioned above.
So here with this article I would be sharing with you the “Best Free BKF File Extractor”

What Are The Different Types Of Backup That We Should Knowbkf file extractor free

Every industry has some specific technical terms that they use. Same ways, the data-backup world uses that many of us have no idea about. One of them is the different types of backup that a user may go for, to backup his / her files:

Full Back Up:

Full backup is basically the backup, you do it on the first time. So the first time you  backup your PC or computer is termed as full backup.

Incremental Backup:

Your computer’s data changes frequently. For example: you are working on an article and changes it number of times for editing. And Incremental backup addresses these changes that you made since your last incremental backup.

Differential Backup

Differential backup is a little bit different from Incremental backup. In incremental backup, it backs up the changes made to a file since the last incremental back up where as in differential backup, it save the changes made to a file from the last full backup. So rather than doing multiple Incremental back up you may go for a differential back up.

Cloud Backup:

Cloud backup is a very recent term used by various users. In cloud backup, users store their files online, in servers owned by other online backup service companies. These servers store and backup millions of data from different users at a time.

Automatic Backup:

In this procedure, the user don’t have to think about any kind of backup. The software automatically back up their files within a period of time, it can be 01 hr or a day or a week. The time depends on the software.

What We Tested & What We Foundbest backup recovery software free

There are so many Backup repair software in the market but choosing the best for you was a hard task. We tested almost all of the tools under a safe environment. There were many criteria’s which these backup recovery tools have to pass on:


Every BKF File Recovery Tool has some features some are good in scanning and some are ultra quick in recovery model. Some features recovery of different files and some have high compatibility. That is why, we as a team, seen and tried every BKF Recovery Tool for its mentioned features.

Scanning Speed:

Testing the Backup Recovery Tool in regards of its scanning speed was also one of our top criteria is selecting the Best Free BKF File Extractor. Scanning speed is one of the most important part to review a tool. If it is slow, a user might have to wait for a long time if his / her BKF files are huge.

Recovery Speed:

Like Scanning speed, Recovery speed may also hamper your mood. Slow recovery process is not a good signal for a best backup recovery software free.


Now a days, there are so many updates which we receive everyday for Windows and other apps. As an user, we always look for a tool which is compatible with every update and version of your computer’s software.

Ease Of Use:

Some are experts and some are novice. If you are an expert may be this feature may not be that important for you but of you are not a technical user or don’t have much idea about how to use BKF files or how to restore Backup files then you might be needing this.

CPU Usage:

CPU usage is also one of the major factors, as no one would like to work on a slow system. To test this, we examined the CPU usage throughout the recovery process.

Help & Support:

If you face any problem with the BKF File Extractor Free Tool, you need to have a support system who would help you out when facing issues with the software. That is why, we looked for every possible communication channel be it through email, chat and phone. Not only this, we also looked out for FAQs , tutorials, forums and knowledge base on each of the software company’s website. These stuffs and support features help users to minimize their learning curve and make it easy for user’s in handling the tool efficiently.

Best BKF File Extractor Free Tool: (Our Verdict & Recommendations)

free bkf file extractor

After a whole set of examinations, we figured out there are two BKF File Extractor Free Tools which comes in our first places of this list of “Best Free BKF File Extractor

Both these tools were great in every facets that we examined and tops the chart.

1. Aryson Technologies BKF Recovery Software

This BKF file repair tool is one of the most sophisticated repair tool which can recover corrupt backup files in no time. Corruption may lead to inaccessible data and put your work in jeopardize. This Aryson BKF Recovery Tool, is one of the smartest software to recover your entire corrupt backup data in original form.

Prominent Features:
  • Recover BKF files created by various Windows backup tools like NT Backup & Symantec Backup-EXEC
  • Can repair corrupt BKF files of unlimited size
  • Ultimate search option for browsing and locating your BKF files
  • One of the fastest scanning & recovery modes
  • Two modes of scanning to recover corrupt backup files from different types of corruption
  • Creates log file for the whole recovery procedure
  • Supports preview of 200 different files
  • Load snapshot feature to save your re-scanning time
  • Option to rename your BKF files
  • Easy to use interface
  • High compatibility with all version of Windows

As experts, we have tried to review this by giving it points/marks as per its efficiency from 1-5. So, the higher the number is efficient the tool is.

Features: 4 / 5
Ease of Use: 4 / 5
Compatibility Meter: 
4 / 5
Scanning & Recovery Time: 
4.5 / 5
Help & Support: 
4 / 5

Download Now


Screenshot: Step by step procedure
Video: Tutorial
FAQs: Questions & Answers
Purchase Link: Where To Buy


SysInfoTools Backup Exec BKF Repair Pro V2.0

This BKF File Extractor Free tool is no different from the first one. It is effective, efficient and quick in recovering and restoring your corrupt backup Microsoft files. The only difference between these two is that this free BKF file extractor software can even recover split and compressed files which the earlier one is not capable of. Apart from that every other feature is same.

Prominent Features:
  • Recover Split BKF files
  • Restore compressed backup files created by various Microsoft Backup tools
  • Can recover corrupt backup files of unlimited size
  • Fastest scanning and recovery process
  • Creates Log file
  • Option for Load Snapshot, preview and search option
  • Supports preview of more than 200 different files
  • Ease of use with high compatibility meter

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Features: 4.5 / 5
Ease of Use: 4 / 5
Compatibility Meter: 
4 / 5
Scanning & Recovery Time: 
4.5 / 5
Help & Support:
4 / 5


Screenshot: Step by step procedure
Video: Tutorial
FAQs: Questions & Answers
Purchase Link: Where To Buy

So here was my list of  Top Free BKF File Extractor Tool.
Note: There is a small limitation in these free BKF recovery Tools and that is these free tools allow users to view, scan and recover files from their corrupted BKF files but don’t allow it to save it in your system. So you can evaluate this tool with the free version and if you want to save those recovered files you have to go for the paid version.

 Hope you guys liked it.


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