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How To Convert OST File To PST???

With this blog, I will be sharing you the step by step procedures to convert OST file to PST files. You first have to understand what is an OST file and PST File before going onto OST To PST conversion. As without that, it would be hard for some people to understand how to convert OST file to PST. So when you use Microsoft Outlook, your items like email messages, calendars, appointments, tasks, attachments and other items are either saved in your computer or in your email server. The items are stored in your computer in the form of .pst and .ost.


OST to PST conversion


PST actually means Personal Storage Tables. So it is kind of a personal folders file. A Personal folders file is primarily an Outlook data file which consists of email messages and other items and are stored in your computer

Whereas the full form of OST is Offline storage Table. Whereas OST files are basically the emails, contacts, calendars and other items which are stored in your server. By saving it in your server, it helps you to work offline.  And as soon as your system comes in contact of internet it synchronizes itself.

So here was the basics about OST and PST files. Now we would try to understand why We convert OST File into PST Files.

Why We Convert OST To PST?

ost file into pst

Microsoft is a global brand and same goes for Outlook Express too. Most of us use it, from a office going employee, to a small corporation, to a big shark. So we cannot define a single reason for conversion of outlook OST file to PST.

There are various reasons to convert OST file into PST.  One of the main reason, to convert OST mailbox to PST file is issues regarding OST corruption and inaccessibility. So now lets check out some more reasons:

  1. OST Size Limit: See, the size limit of OST files depends and varies from versions to versions. For example: the size limit for OST files in Outlook 2007 was 20GB whereas in in Outlook 2010 and 2013 it was increased to 50GB. That is why; Outlook slows down when you reaches your limit or exceeds it.
  2. Inaccessible OST file: Outlook Express’s Exchange Mailbox and the Exchange Server always remain interconnected. Plus each OST file is connected to a particular Exchange Mailbox and any edits, addition or delete made in the Mailbox gets synchronized automatically in the connected Exchange server. But due to any problem, if the Exchange server gets disconnected from the Mailbox it automatically leads to Inaccessible OST files.
  3. Synchronization Issues: Synchronization problem arises only when there is an interruption during the synchronization process of OST files with the Exchange server.
  4. Corrupt OST File: Corruption of OST files is a common issue. Now days, you will see most of us is facing this corruption issue in some or the other day. OST files may get corrupted due to several factors like: virus attack, power failure during OST to Server synchronization, damaged hard drive where the OST file was saved or kept, improper care of OST files and so on. These all reasons may lead to corrupt OST files which will ultimately lead to inaccessible data.

So now we know why OST File corruption occurs. So now we will go through some manual techniques to convert Outlook OST file to PST.

Manual Techniques To Convert outlook OST File:

ost to pst converter

Here are some simple steps to convert your OST files to PST files:

  1. Exporting .OST To .PST: This manual process is quite effective but the biggest drawback of this process is that it only export the content part of the email. So I would suggest you to go for this method only when you are looking to export the emails only.


  • Click on ‘File’ (Top Left Corner) – then click on ‘Options’ – and then ‘Advanced
  • As soon as you click on Advanced a dialog box will appear in your screen, there click on ‘Export’ and then choose Outlook Data File (PST) as the exporting medium.
  • And when done than just click on ‘OK’
  1. Archiving: Archiving is an important process and should be done time to time. As archiving the old data helps to keep a check on the size of the OST file. So it’s always a better option to set an auto-archive option:

The process is very simple:

Go to Tools – Then click on ‘options’ – Then ‘others’ – then Auto-Archive

And then ‘apply to all folders’

And the final step is to Go to ‘File’ and then click on ‘Archive’

And ’Run’

That’s it. But this method also suffers from a limitation and that is it cannot archive contacts..

  1. Drag & Drop: Don’t be so happy just by going through the name. Yes it sounds easy and simple but a very time consuming affair. As here you have to drag & drop individual content with target folder names.

I hope you have a hell lot of patience for it.

I hope you have got an idea about the manual techniques to perform OST to PST conversion. These steps are time consuming, complicated but free. If for any reason, if these techniques doesn’t work, then you may go for an online OST to PST Converter.

Best OST To PST Converter:

This online OST To PST converter  is probably one of the most efficient, easy to use and accurate tools to do a OST to PST conversion.

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Yes, it is paid but it has some features which will surely help you out to convert ost file to pst file of yours

  • Simple interface
  • Easy to use
  • Recover maximum and accurate data
  • Highly compatible
  • Can save in multiple formats
  • Date range selection
  • Effective recovery modes and so on.

Hope you liked this blog. And for any other query or clarification can post a reply.


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