Corrupt VHD File Recovery- An Efficient Way To Get Back Your Virtual Data

A damaged or corrupted VHD file can spoil your day! If you are also one of them dealing with damaged virtual hard disk recovery issues, then don’t worry! In this blog, I had discussed about what is VHD files, issues, and the ways to recover data from corrupt VHD file with easy manual steps.


How regularly do you use Virtual Machine? In case you utilize it consistently, you must be acquainted with VHD files ( or Virtual Hard Disk document). VHDs is a hard disc image that has been utilized by IT experts for years in virtual machines and server applications, yet you can likewise utilize them as a free, simple-to-utilize backup design—particularly since the apparatuses required to utilize it accompany Windows that is used as a single hard disc to store data inside a solitary file.

To represent a virtual hard plate drive, Microsoft Virtual PC makes a document in VHD otherwise known as virtual hard circle organize. Whatever the data is available on your hard disk, for example, disk partitions, boot record, and files, you can store the similar data in a VHD file. Being a hard disc, not physical but rather virtual, a VHD file is inclined to corruption. There are different reasons which may bring about VHD file corruption, and make it difficult to access or open. You should repair VHD file to open and access it on Virtual Machine.

What is Virtual Machine?
The Virtual machine is a program that behaves like a PC system and keeps running on a host Operating System. It makes a visitor operating system that you can run on host system easily. On a solitary host PC system, you can install one or numerous Virtual Machines. The main confinement you would face is the amount of storage capacity you have accessible for them.

  • It helps to test new versions operating system.
  • It offers a wide facility to test software on new platforms.
  • Virtual Machines allows user to experiment with other operating systems
  • It helps to run the software programs that are outdated on operating systems
  • Combined servers

How VHD Files gets Corrupted?

Since VHD files intact as a backup for the system image. Just because of some software, hardware or operating system issue, you may face corrupt VHD file problem. Here are some reasons that result in VHD file corruption:

  1. Virus Attacks: It is a common cause beyond your VHD file corruption. Virus infection is a computer program that influences or affects the files and other software or applications saved on the system.
  2. Errors in Software: Sometimes, due to wrong command or action the software get infected or may crash immediately. They also can appear if the saved file in the software is damaged or corrupted. Some small errors are also in a Virtual machine that leads to the system crash or file corruption.
  3. Storage Media Failure: VHD is like a single hard disc and had the ability to get saved on your host PC system. If any storage media get corrupted or failed, then it can result in inaccessibility of files stored on storage media as well as VHD file.
  4. Software Failure issues: It caused due to human mistakes like clicking on wrong links or typing the wrong command. Normally, the software applications get clashed with the already saved software in your system.
  5. Corrupt external device: If you connects your computer system with infected or corrupt external drive such SCSI, SATA IDE, or flash drive, then it can also lead to VHD file recovery problem.
  6. Accidental System Shutdown: If any running system gets abruptly or forcefully shutdown, then it may cause severe damage to your software and hardware devices badly. Additionally, if the Virtual Machine is closed incorrectly, then it can also cause Virtual hard disk (VHD) file corruption.
  7. Human Mistakes: Accidental deletion or removal of saved files, clearing system registry, running system gets forcefully shutdown, incorrect disk management are some issues that cause due to Human errors. It can also damage saved VHD file in Virtual Machine.

How to Repair Corrupt VHD Files Manually?

No, matter what is the reason of your VHF file corruption, but the main point is how to fix corrupt VHD file without data or any other loss. I had chosen a manual trick through which you can for VD file recovery.

Method 1:  Use Windows PowerShell to Repair Corrupt  VHD File

You can check the integrity of the corrupt VHD file before repairing it using PowerShell. Firstly, you need to run a script on Windows PowerShell to mount the VHD file into ROOT folder. Once the script had been running, you can run a CHKDSK on it.

The commands you need to run are given below:

vhd file recovery

Note: If you fails to fix corrupt VHD file, then you can go for SysInfoTools VHD Recovery Software that is one stop solution to repair corrupt VHD file swiftly. Download the free VHD repair tool for easy and instant data recovery resolutions.

Key Features of VHD File Recovery:

  • Effectively recovers corrupt VHD files, images, spreadsheets, videos and audio files.
  • Highly-supportive to repair corrupt VHD files that are stored in fixed disk and dynamic disk types.
  • Offers Standard, Advanced and Deep mode for VHD data recovery.
  • Completely repair and recovers severely damaged VHD files in a host computer.
  • No extra technical skills needed for VHD file recovery and it’s very user-friendly interface.
  • Helps to extract all the corrupt or damaged, data from VHD.

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