How to Open / View VHDX Files in Windows 10

Article Summary: I know, how hard it is to view your corrupt or damaged VHDX data. So today, with this article I will tell you how to open VHDX files in windows 10 if your files are facing corruption. So, to know more keep reading.

But, before we start the article and tell you the techniques on how to troubleshoot corruption issues and view your data. We need to understand what is VHDX file and reasons for corruption as well.

So let’s start.

There are mainly two Virtual hard disk file formats-

  • VHD
  • VHDX

What is a VHD file format (Virtual Hard Disk)

VHD is a file extension used for virtual servers and Hyper-V Servers to backup complete PC in

a single disk image. It contains all your data like disk partitions and even the file systems.
However, the Windows Server that supports VHD file formats are-

  • Window server 2008
  • Window server 2008R2
  • Window sever 2012
  • Window server 2012R2

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What is VHDX File (Hyper-V Virtual Hard Disk)

VHDX is a semi-open file format and a free specification of VHD published by Microsoft. The major advantage of swapping to VHDX is the increased storage, earlier version i.e VHD has standard storage of 2TB whereas VHDX has the storage capacity of 64 TB. The VHDX file format is only supported by Window8 and window server 2012.

So know I guess, you have a fair idea what is a VHD and VHDX file format. So let’s, come to the main problem i.e. how to view or read your VHDX data if you have lost your files or its got corrupted or creating problems while opening?

There may be several reasons that may cause VHDX file corruption like-

  • Deficient hard drive storage
  • Anti-virus issues
  • File transfer over a defected network

It seems impossible to recover these VHDX files manually, so there are several tools available online for VHDX file recovery. The one which I would suggest is VHDX Recovery Software V3.02 by Sysinfo Tools.

It is one of the most advanced tools to view, open and even recovers your corrupt VHDX data as well.

Some of the features provided by the software

  • Support recovery from corrupt / damaged VHDX data
  • User-friendly design
  • Recovers maximum possible data
  • Highly support Master Boot Record and GUID Partition Table
  • Supports recovery from formatted drives of a flat file system
  • Free / Demo version available

How To Use It?

Step 1: Download & install VHDX file recovery software on your system. Click Browse and select corrupt VHDX files.

Step 2: Now select the Scanning modes.

Step 3: Let the scanning process complete. All the files that were stored in your VHDX files will be listed here.

Step 4: Here, you can add a custom volume if you want. Now, select the volume in the list and define the custom settings.

Step 5: To recover the data and save it in your system, select any of the three recovery modes as per the level of corruption.

Step 6: Let the recovery process complete. Press Ok when the recovery get over.

Step 7: All the recovered files and folder will be listed in the tree structure format. Select the files and click save button and define the location where you want to store your recovered files.

Step 8: Within a few minutes the recovery process will be completed.

Even being developed by SysInfo, the software has some limitations as well which you should keep in mind before using it.


  • Work only with Windows versions
  • Doesn’t run on MAC
  • Is not compatible with Linu


Hope, now you know how to open and recover VHDX files in Windows 10, 8, 9 and other versions. The application good but has some limitations as well.
Being a blogger, I would always suggest you to use the demo version first and evaluate it. If everything works well then only go for the full version.

Hope this article helps.

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