How Do I View My Google Backup on PC (Solved)

In this technical era, most of the users are facing data breach issues. Same as with Google where a user wants to back their Google account backup. But the question is “how do I view my Google backup”? And here is the best answer that Google has made the task to control our backup very easily.

But the thing is that you have given some limited space to save the backup. What you can do is preview the backup, sort out the important information backup, and erase the older backups. Next, we tell you about the necessity of backup.

Why Google backup is important?

The main cause for data file backup is to protect important documents files from any mishappening if system damage or hard drive being corrupt. So, there will be a copy of data backups if the original file’s data gets corrupt or damaged. And in business information data of clients helps to manage client relationships, which provide increased marketing and sales and also builds trust and value of a company.

But the knowledge of backup and management of backup data is very necessary for every computer user. Therefore, here we suggest the method to backup and view the backup data files or to manage the data files for the users.

Next, here start with the methods to manage and view the data files.

Solution: How do I view my Google Backup Manually

The methods for viewing the google backup are below:

Method :

  1. Initially, starting the Backup and sync process through these two points
    1. Go to the search option on your system
    2. Search backup and sync in the search bar
  2. Then, you have to Log in to the Backup and sync
  3. Enter your password and username.
  4. Your backup and Sync account will open
  5. Select the files to backup to google drive
  6. After that, Upload the file on the File name Computer in the drive
  7. Select the folder to sync from the Google drive to your computer.
  8.  Choose Sync everything in Drive or Sync only selected folders.  Sorted folders allow you to select which data to sync from Google Drive to your system. The important thing to remember is your data files are all in My Drive and can be saved at any time should the user need them; this download room on your system’s hard drive.
  9. Now you are able to view or manage the files which will save as the backup.

These above manual methods provide a guide for the users for a query “How do I view my Google backup on computer”, but it has many flaws as well. It takes your excess time to execute every procedure, very low speed of execution, delete of older backup if the space gets full, and also requires some technical skills. If you want a stress-free approach and a secure solution then you must have to select for some professional direct method. If you want a faster method and don’t want to delete the old data then go with the next suggestion.

Quick Way to Take & View Google Gmail Backup on PC

So, we propose you to use the Google Gmail Backup Tool which has features including a solution for backing up where you can download files in any format like PST, EML, MBOX, PDF into PC, Hard drive, USB. With this tool, you can easily backup all Gmail files with attachments. Also, this utility method is compatible with all the Mac and Window Versions.

Here is some feature of the Gmail backup tool are:

  • Download files with attachments into PC, Hard Disk, USB drive
  • Backup all file to a different format like PDF, PST, etc
  • If anyone wants to transfer that backup to other email clients like Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail Etc. then, you can do it simply.
  • Gmail backup utility tool maintains its hierarchy of folder and subfolder.


Here we showed you the method for a user query “how do I view my Google backup”. So, users are able to manage their backup files easily and also suggest a direct professional approach to manage, transfer all the backup files to other formats also. We think this blog will help you to know, view, manage the backup files easily.

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