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3 Methods to Download Gmail Emails To Your Computer?

Danish is a Profesional Technical Content Developer with over 2 Years of Experience. He has excellent knowledge in content writing...Read more

  • Published on:  March 10th, 2022
  • Updated on:  March 26, 2022
  • Read Time:  6 minutes

Gmail is a popular Email service provider designed by Google. It has become the most preferred platform for exchanging emails regarding various business activities and other aspects. Apart from its multiple uses, it also provides an option to save or download Gmail Emails to a computer.

Saving all emails to your computer allows you to access your emails while in offline mode. This is a good action to take backup of your emails. Many users take backups to prevent data loss. Generally, there are two methods available by which you can easily download Gmail emails to your computer. Before moving forward let’s discuss some basic needs to save Gmail emails.

Why Need to Download Emails from Gmail?

Backup Gmail Emails to computer is a good feature of Gmail, as it gives excellent protection to Emails. Here, let’s analyse the need of an individual to download Gmail Emails to a computer.

  • Though Google has thousands of employees, the risk is still not over. There’s still a chance that you may lose all your emails for the tricks of hackers still hover on the internet.
  • Gmail only provides a space of 15 GB. As a result, the mailbox could go out of space.
  • Sometimes people prefer switching to different Email clients. In such a matter, no business parties want to lose their Emails, so to export Gmail emails to a different Email client, they download the Gmail Emails in their local drive.

How to Download Gmail Emails to Your Computer?

You can easily download all emails from Gmail manually. We provide you with two different methods:

  1. Export Gmail Emails to a computer as PDF
  2. Save Gmail Emails using Google Takeout

Method 1: Export Gmail Emails as PDF?

It is quite easy to download Gmail emails as PDF with all attachments. Anybody can do this having only basic computer knowledge. However, saving Gmail Emails as PDF won’t give you the freedom to download Gmail Emails in bulk.

  1. Log in to your Gmail account.
  2. Click on a particular Email you want to save from a list of Emails.
  3. Once that Email opens, you will see a print icon option on the upper-right side.
    Download Gmail Emails
  4. Click on the small print icon.
  5. Next, a print window will appear on your computer screen. By default, it will present you with several options.
  6. From the drop-down list, select “Save as PDF“. Then click Save.
  7. After this, you get two options:
  • What do you want to name this PDF file?
  • Where do you want to keep this PDF file?

8. When you are done, with the name and location part. Simply go to save and click on it. Your Email will be saved as a PDF into your local drive.
Download Gmail Emails

This way, you can easily download Emails from Gmail whenever you want. This method is fast, simple, and effective.

Limitation of Downloading Gmail Email as PDF

  • If you want to save your Email as PDF, you can only secure one Email at a time.
  • It’s time-consuming if you need to download Emails in large quantities.
  • Saving your Emails into a PDF file format won’t have attachments.

Method 2: Save Gmail Emails using Google Takeout

Google takeout is an excellent service offered by google company. Its primary function allows you to save Gmail emails to a folder, which you can download. Along with Emails, you can also secure your Google Drive items such as images, files, notes, videos, and much more. While saving data as PDF allows you to go for one Email at one time, it’s not the same with the Google Takeout function. With Google Takeout, you can download all or selected files in one go.

  1. First of all, open your Gmail account with your ID and Password.
  2. At the right corner, you will see your profile icon; click on it.
    Download Gmail Emails
  3. Then, click on “Manage your Google Account.”
  4. Next moment, a new page will appear in front of you, on the left side of the page, you will see several options. Go for “Data and Privacy” and click on it.
  5. Now, scroll the page down until you see Download or delete your data. Below it, you will see an option “Download your data.” Click on it.
    Download Gmail Emails
  6. Here, the Google Takeout page will appear on your screen. If you scroll down, you will see that by default, every data have been marked. To deselect them, scroll up and click on deselect all. Doing this will unmark all your account’s data. Now scroll down again and tick the mail option.
  7. After this, scroll to the end of the page and click on the Next step.
  8. In a few moments, you will reach the section titled “Choose file type, frequency, and destination”.
  9. Now move the arrow to Create export and click on it.
    Download Gmail Emails
  10. Then wait for a few seconds while Google collects all of your files.
  11. Soon you will receive an email in your inbox. By clicking on the “Download your files” option, you can open it.
  12. After this, a Gmail login page will open. Insert your password in the password box.
  13. Once you go beyond it, you will see the “Download option.” Click on it, and your file will be automatically downloaded into your system.

Limitations of Saving Gmail Emails using Google Takeout

  • It will save your Gmail Documents into the MBOX file, which is not easily accessible. MBOX files require the Thunderbird Email client to open up.
  • It may take a very long while to complete downloading your files.
  • The exporting process might crash in the middle of an operation.

Best Method to Download Gmail Emails with All Attachments

Sysinfo Gmail Backup Tool has a solution to overcome many problems people face while saving their Gmail data. It is brilliant and effective software, willing to fulfil all of your needs. This tool helps to backup Gmail emails into PDF, MBOX, PST, Json, GIF, EMI, and many other formats with all attachments. You can also use this software for migration.


In this article, we have described two manual methods to download Gmail Emails to a computer. Both the methods are the existing feature of Gmail. You can use them quite easily without the help of any software. Though, they have some limitations. In the end, we have discussed the Sysinfo Gmail Backup Tool, which is quite effective in overcoming all the drawbacks of the manual methods. Use this professional software for your convenience and a better experience.


Question: How can I download all my emails from Gmail?
Answer: To download all Gmail emails, export them as PDF files to your computer.

About The Author:

Danish is a Profesional Technical Content Developer with over 2 Years of Experience. He has excellent knowledge in content writing in the field of Data Recovery, Email Migrations, Cloud Migration and Database Management.

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