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Unable to Download Attachments From Gmail? Query Resolved With Shared Solutions

  • Published on:  June 2nd, 2021
  • Updated on:  February 7, 2022
  • Read Time:  6 minutes

In the present technological world, everyone is used to several email clients and instant messaging apps to send pictures, videos, docs, etc. Undoubtedly, Gmail is one of the best choices for performing the latter. Because of its capability to send even larger files and easy-to-use interface. But the main problem arises when we get unable to download attachments from Gmail.

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Although, several users face such problems and find themselves helpless in resolving the same due to a lack of technical knowledge and fear of losing their precious data. Well, if you are also among such users, then you are at the right place.

Here, I am going to present the appropriate solutions to fix cannot download attachments from Gmail. So, let us move ahead and repair all issues.

Solutions to Fix Cannot Download Attachments From Gmail

Here, I am presenting you with a list of all the solutions to fix the issue unable to download attachments from Gmail. Let us have a look at all of them and then discuss them one by one in detail.

  • Regularly update your browser
  • Disable your antivirus
  • Check Lab Settings
  • Untick don’t save encrypted pages to disk setting
  • Free cache memory
  • Use supported browsers
  • Use a desktop email client

#1- Regularly Update Your Browser

Most of the Gmail users use it on their browsers because Gmail doesn’t have any specific desktop email client of their own. Hence, in such a case updating your browser at regular intervals is a must to fix unable to download attachments from Gmail.

Here, we are providing the steps to update Google Chrome. 

  • Launch Chrome and click on the three dots available on the extreme right.
  • Now, go to Help > About Google Chrome.
  • After that, you need to wait because Google will update itself in a while to the latest version.

Also, you can find similar methods to update different browsers. Alternatively, you can reinstall them with their latest version from the official sites.

#2- Disable Your Antivirus

There is an excellent chance that your antivirus settings may have restricted you and made you unable to download attachments from Gmail. In such a case, you need to disable the antivirus, which you can do as follows:

  • Press Ctrl+Alt+Del and open Task Manager, or you can right-click on the taskbar and click on task manager.
  • After that, search the antivirus under the Start-Up tab, and click on the Disable button.
Cannot Download Attachments from Gmail
  • Now, to implement new settings, you should restart your system.

#3- Check Lab Settings

Gmail allows its users multiple settings to personalize their experience. Sometimes, these settings can be the primary reason for you to cannot download attachments from Gmail.

Let us learn to check these settings in a step-wise manner.

  • First of all, log in to your Gmail account and go to Settings.
  • Now, disable all the options under the Lab tab and press the Save Changes button to let new settings come into effect.

#4- Untick don’t save encrypted pages to disk setting

If you are unable to download attachments from Gmail, you may have opted not to save encrypted pages to a local disk. Opt in to save encrypted pages as follows:

  • First, open the Internet Properties window by searching the same in the taskbar.
cannot download attached files Gmail
  • Under the advanced tab, ensure that the box next to the option Do not save encrypted pages to disk is not marked.
Cannot Download Attachments from Gmail
  • Now, after restarting the computer, you will be able to download attachments.

#5- Free Cache Memory

As we know, every browser stores cookies and other things as cache memory to enhance your browsing experience. Try clearing this cache memory to resolve your issue. You can do that in Google Chrome as follows:

  • Open your browser settings.
  • After that, select the Clear browsing data option to clear all your cache memory.

#6- Use Supported Browsers

On every website, you may have seen the list of supported browsers, and the same goes on with Gmail too. If you are trying to use Gmail in browsers like Opera, Maxthon, etc., then it can be the probable reason that you are unable to download attachments from Gmail.

For the best user experience of Gmail, you should try the browsers recommended by Google, which are as follows:

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox

#7- Use Desktop Email Client

First of all, we know that the web versions of an email client are pretty heavy, which requires more processing and power, and can result in several issues like you cannot download attached files Gmail.

Thus, you can try switching to any desktop email client, which can provide you with a better error-free experience.

Drawbacks of Manual Methods

The manual methods have good chances of solving the issue of “unable to download attachments from Gmail.” However, their limitations can cause trouble for you. Some of the primary drawbacks are as follows:

  • First of all, altering google and system settings may invite unwanted threats.
  • Disabling the antivirus is an open invitation for virus and malware attacks.
  • In addition to knowledge of methods, you may require technical expertise.
  • Also, you can end up getting no results after spending your precious time.
  • Moreover, these methods may cause you to lose your valuable attachments.

To save your precious time and efforts, I would suggest you an alternative solution given in the next section for your concerns.

Alternative Solution For Downloading Attachments From Gmail

Alternatively, I would recommend you download all your attachments to eradicate any chances of data loss. I suggest you use SysInfo Gmail Backup Tool, which can be your perfect partner in downloading all your attachments and emails and store them as a backup in varied file formats such as PDF, MBOX, PST, etc. By doing so, you can access your files anytime and anywhere you want. Also, you can import your data to other email clients like Yahoo Mail, Thunderbird, etc. By taking Gmail backup you can also resolve Gmail is out of Space issue.

Summing Up

Finally, you have learned various methods with an alternative solution to solve the issue unable to download attachments from Gmail.  I hope that this blog has helped you with the required knowledge for the latter and answered all your Gmail queries.

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