Do You Know How To Recover Corrupt MS Access Database Files For Free???

Today we will be discussing on MS Access database, corruption reasons and various techniques to repair and recover corrupt MS Access database files.

Microsoft has scores of applications which are renowned and with a big user base. Most of these applications are known for their multi-functional features and with an easy to use user interface.

And one of them is Access Database. It is a database management system which is efficient and loaded with an easy to use user interface.

With relational Jet-Database-Engine at the back end and with a very simple user interface, it has become one of the most favored choices for various corporate entities. Being a database management system, a lot of data is stored in it. And being official files, we all might know how crucial these files can be.

However being a Microsoft product doesn’t make it error free. We have seen various cases or scenarios where the files stored in the database got corrupted or the whole database got corrupted. Which automatically leads to inaccessible files and folders and may also lead to a halt of work.

Reasons/Causes For MS Access Database Corruption

There are various reasons due to which for MS Access database corruption. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Virus Infection: Virus infection is one of the major factors of Microsoft Access database corruption. If your system is corrupted with any kind of malware or virus there are very good chances that your database might also get corrupted due to this.
  • Even a wrongly designed third-party tool may lead to corruption in your database
  • Another corruption reason that many MS Access users face is a hardware failure. For example, bad sectors or even loss of packet on your network-cards may lead to corruption in your Access database
  • Even bugs in your Jet software may also lead to MS Access data corruption
  • Though it is a rare instance even improper system shutdown sometimes lead to corruption is your MS Access.

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How To Recover Corrupt MS Access Database Files

The best way to repair/recover corrupt MS Access database files is to hand it over to a database recovery firm or to use an effective database recovery tool. But if the corruption is a minor one then it can be resolved with manual techniques too.

Below are the manual ways to resolve corruption errors or to recover corrupt MS Access database files:

Restoration & Backup

The best way to recover your database files is by restoring it from a backup. But before restoring it from a backup there are certain things which you need to keep in mind like:

  • When you open a database jet-database-engine automatically creates an .ldb file. You need to delete it before any kind of restoration
  • Deleting all VBA code from your Access database

Using Compact & Repair

If you haven’t created any backup or your backup is corrupted and not able to use it then the best way to repair your MS Access database files by using inbuilt compact and repair software.

You may follow the below-mentioned steps to repair corrupt Access database with the help of compact and repair

  • Launch Microsoft Access
  • Hover to ‘Database Tools’
  • Now scroll to ‘Compact & Repair Database’
  • Browse and locate your corrupt MS Access database files
  • Now, this tool will start repairing your database. It will take few minutes to get the job done.

Even after going through all the mentioned steps if the problem still persists then you may need to import your database files into a new one.

  • Launch Access database
  • Create a new file for your database
  • Now under ‘External Data’ tab click on ‘Access for importing MS Access file’
  • Browse and locate the files that need to be imported
  • Now select the database items that need to be imported and click ‘Ok’

And this is how you can import your files into a new database version.

If still, your MS Access database remains inaccessible then you are facing a major corruption or else it would have been rectified till now.

Using a Recovery Tool

Now the only option that is left with you is by using a database recovery software.

One of the renowned software is Aryson Access Database Recovery Software.

I have been using this tool for many of my personal clients and really liked it. A very effective and reliable software. Plus has received a lot of awards for its service too.


  • It has some amazing features
  • Fast recovery
  • Easy to use user interface so no technical knowledge needed to repair or recover corrupt MS Access database files
  • Can repair ACCDB & corrupt MDB files
  • Can restore database objects like OLE, MEMO & BLOB data
  • Advanced recovery procedure and algorithm
  • Take less time in data recovery
  • Compatible with all versions of MS Access version and even Microsoft Windows


  • Relatively new firm.
  • Doesn’t run on Linux operating system
  • Doesn’t support MAC

So here is how you can Recover Corrupt MS Access Database Files for free.

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