How To Resolve MS Access Error 2950 Manually (DIY Guide)

One of the biggest question that most of MS Access users face nowadays is “How to resolve MS Access Error 2950 Manually?”

Today we will be discussing the same and that is how to resolve or solve this MS Access Error 2950.

In today’s world most of us and even big corporations use MS Access as its database. Might not be primary one but yes many of us do use. And being a database it is used to store data of huge sizes. Not only this MS Access has some amazing features due to which a large number of users nowadays is using this database application. It has become one of the most popular and integrated database system globally. Microsoft Access is also used by various developers and system architecture personals to develop software and for different other purposes. This database is integrated with a good graphical user interface making it simple and easy for various development purposes. With all these features, MS Access database is also been used to analysis and auditing purpose.

Now I guess, you have an idea how important MS Access database is. But there is one problem that most of the users do face some errors which can cripple down their work. And one of them is Microsoft Access error 2950 or Action Failed Error Number 2950

And with this article, I would try to give you a detailed idea on

  • How this Microsoft Access 2950 occurs
  • Precautions you may take against Action failed Error Number 2950
  •  and how to resolve ms access error 2950

So let’s dig in

Reasons  Of Occurrence For Microsoft Access Error 2950

Microsoft access error 2950

This one is a tough question to answer as there is no specific reason for this type of error. There can be many reasons. But one of the major reason for MS Access error 2950 is Trust Issues.

So now the question is why this trust issues happen?

If you trying to launch a database that is not trusted by Microsoft Access. There it can happen that you might face this Microsoft Access Error 2950.

How To Resolve Action Failed Error Number 2950

Action Failed Error Number 2950

Being an expert in MS Access, I can tell you that there are only two ways to resolve this Action Failed Error Number 2950 or to fix error 2950 Microsoft access.

  1. Manual Procedures: The mentioned procedure is quite an effective way to repair Access openquery error 2950 or in laymen terms MS Access error 2950. It might take some time but keep in mind that this technique is free.
    Note: There are two techniques which I will be discussing here
  2. Error Recovery Tool: This tool only comes when the above method doesn’t work as required.


So let’s start and try to resolve this error / issue:

Method 1:

Enabling MS Access Database For Current Session

This procedure is one of the best and only procedure to resolve Microsoft access error 2950. With the help of this technique, you will be able to use your database only for the existing session. So as soon as you click on the close button the session will also end automatically.


  1. Launch and open MS Access Database
  2. Now in the message bar click on “Options”
  3. A new dialogue box will pop up after you click on the “Options” button. Here you just have to select “Enable the content” option and click “Ok”

fix error 2950 Microsoft access

Method 2:

Importing Data From A Un-Trusted To  A Trusted Location

If the above mentioned technique doesn’t work as per plan, then I would suggest you to go for this simple technique. This procedure would allow you to realize your database that the data you have is trusted. Which will ultimately help you in resolving this MS Access error 2950.

To make it possible you first have to locate a trusted location in your system. To locate it, you may follow these steps mentioned below:

  1. First launch and open your MS Access
  2. Click on the MS office button
  3. Click on “Access Options” and then go to “Trust center” and from there scroll down to “Trust center settings”
  4. Now under settings click on “Trusted Location”
  5. Copy that location that is mentioned there
  6. Now transfer your data to this location. After transferring your files, you can easily access and use the database files in your Access database without any issues.

MS Access error 2950

Do give it a try

So this is how you can resolve or fix MS Access error 2950 / Action Failed Error Number 2950 manually and free.

How To Fix Error 2950 Microsoft Access If Manual Procedures Doesn’t Work

This is again a tough question as most of the times these techniques work seamlessly in resolving or fixing this kind of errors. But if these above-mentioned procedures doesn’t work then the only option that is left is to use this MS Access Recovery Tool.

Download Now

Being an expert and a database analyst, I have used this tool and I am very satisfied with its recovery and repair process. I may term it as one of the software available in the market to repair or fix this kind of errors. Its high-end algorithm with a simple and easy interface makes it one of the easiest tool to fix corrupt MS Access database. Not only this, this MS Access recovery tool can also repair corrupt MDB & ACCDB files with OLE, BLOB and MEMO data.

Do give it a look too.

Note: If you are looking for a review of this tool, you may also checkout this article for more details: Best Data Recovery Software For 2017

Author’s Verdict

Behind the wall of complex algorithms and vicious coding, every application is trying to make our life easy with unknown and various user friendly features. But sometimes even these high end algorithms fail to perform which leads to malfunctioning. Which ultimately leads to errors or even inaccessible data.

If you are a pro and know how to resolve errors or how to fix malfunctioning. Then there are very less chances that you will be looking for a solution. But everyone is not same. That is why I always mention a step by step manual procedure to resolve each and every error. Plus I also try to mention one or more recovery tool which I have tested. The reason behind this is very simple and that is these manual techniques / procedures work on various factors. And due to any factor, if these techniques doesn’t work then my readers can also use the mentioned tools.

Note: Always go for manual procedures first..if that doesn’t work then only go for a tool.

Hope you  liked this article for any question or suggestion… mention it in the comment section

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