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How to Split VCF File to Multiple Contacts | VCF File Splitter

Danish is a Profesional Technical Content Developer with over 2 Years of Experience. He has excellent knowledge in content writing...Read more

  • Published on:  February 18th, 2022
  • Updated on:  April 18, 2022
  • Read Time:  5 minutes

Outlook allows you to save contacts in numerous formats, including vCards, VCFs, CSVs, and PSTs. A Single VCF file can be saved in multiple VCF files. Moreover, due to the limitation of the import function, it could only load one contact from Multiple VCF Files. Thus, this tutorial shows you how to split VCF file into multiple contacts. It also includes the working of the expert solution. i.e., Sysinfo VCF Split and Merge Tool.

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A vCard file is an electronic business card and comes up .vcf extension. It allows its users to store contacts in several fields of the vCard file. In this era, users split their vCard files into multiple contacts for personal use and business perspective. As a result, the user won’t have to search for split vCard files. But before moving forward, let’s discuss the reason to extract VCF files.

Why Do You Need to Split VCF Files?

There are many reasons users wish to split VCF file to multiple contacts. You can have a single or various vCards in a VCF file. When users have many contacts in the VCF file, it can be a problem, and they wish to split the file into parts. There are other reasons as well. Someone who wants to send a single contact to another person will need to break the VCF file in that case. Thus, the user can get a single contact.

Sometimes, there is a need to share some contacts via mail for specific reasons. Then, in that case, we cannot share the whole VCF file. That file contains other relevant contacts, which the user does not want to share with everyone. Thus, splitting the file and forwarding each specific contact separately is wise.

How to Split VCF file into Multiple Contacts Manually

Obviously, you can split the VCF files to multiple contacts manually; all you have to do is follow the given steps. These two steps can help users create a VCF file with multiple contacts, But the manual solution has some limitations and requires technical skills to perform. In addition to this here is also a solution to convert Excel to VCF format. If you want to convert these files, the best method is available. In this conversion, you don’t have to be a technical expert.

Step 1: Convert VCF to Windows Contacts

  • Go to C:\Users\%username%\Contacts and click on the Import button.
  • Select the vCard(VCF file) option from the ‘Import to Windows Contact’ dialogue box and click on Import.
  • Choose the VCF file from your computer.
  • Click on the OK button to split VCF file to multiple contacts online.
  • A new Property window Popup will occur, do the necessary changes, and hit the Ok button.

Step 2: Export Windows Contact to Single VCF Files

  • Firstly, navigate to C:\Users\%username%\Contacts and press on Export Button.
  • Select the VCF files and click on Export Button.
  • Now choose the destination path to save the VCF files.
  • Save individual VCF files by clicking the Ok button.

Limitations Of Manual Solutions

  • The whole process is too Time-Consuming.
  • Required Technical Knowledge
  • Tricky steps
  • Data Integrity is not guaranteed.
  • Chances of Data Loss

Best Way to Split VCF file to Multiple Contacts

With VCF Merge and Split Tool, you can merge and split vCard/VCF files without affecting the contact information in the files. This VCF file splitter can split a single VCF or vCard file with multiple contacts. Despite merging or splitting VCF files, it maintains the contact’s data integrity. Now let’s move towards the Software working. Firstly Download and Install the Sysinfo VCF Split & Merge Software.

Steps to Split VCF file to Multiple Contacts Instantly

  1. Run the software as Administrator on your PC.spli vcf file to multiple contacts
  2. Click on Add Files to add VCF files.split vcf file to multiple contact
  3. Click on Open next to the VCF file you want to split.split vcf file to multiple contact
  4. Here you can preview your selected VCF file.
  5. Choose the Destination Path button for the desired location to save the file.
  6. Now, click on the Split Button to start splitting VCF files to multiple contacts.
  7. Press the OK button after the process gets completed.
  8. Lastly. Download the report and Exit the software.


We understood how to split the VCF file to Multiple Contacts using the two best methods through this blog. Depending on what feels more comfortable for you, you can choose between manual and automated tool-based solutions. The software is 100% secure and tested by experts to easily split multiple VCF files. You can quickly try out its demo versions to test its operational performance and efficiency.


Question: Can a VCF file have multiple Contacts?

Answer: Outlook’s import function is limited to 1 VCF file at a time, and selecting a folder to import is impossible. Outlook will only import the first contact in a vCard if the file has multiple contacts.

Question: How many contacts can be in a VCF file?

Answer: Total number of vCards 50,000 can be in the VCF file.

Question: How do I split multiple VCF files?


  • Choose vCard (folder of .vcf files) from the ‘Export Windows Contacts’ dialogue box.
  • Select the VCF files and click on Export Button.


About The Author:

Danish is a Profesional Technical Content Developer with over 2 Years of Experience. He has excellent knowledge in content writing in the field of Data Recovery, Email Migrations, Cloud Migration and Database Management.

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