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How do I Migrate Emails from Thunderbird to Outlook?

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  • Published on:  April 22nd, 2022
  • Updated on:  April 27, 2022
  • Read Time:  6 minutes

Summary: If you are stuck in the problem where you want to migrate from Thunderbird to Outlook, then this technical blog gives you the complete solution to migrate emails from Thunderbird to Outlook. It describes free methods and third-party tools such as Thunderbird Email Backup Tool for easy and quick conversion.

Thunderbird is an open-source email client that uses MBOX files to store all its attachments without extensions. MS Outlook is the most popular email client available in Office. You can keep all items in your mailbox in PST format, such as email, contacts, calendars, attachments, etc.

Although Microsoft Thunderbird has numerous features to handle, users still want to migrate from Thunderbird to Outlook. Because configuring all the functionality in Thunderbird is not so easy. These two email clients are best in availability. But Outlook is the most selected for business purposes, and due to the increased range of features, MS Outlook is leading Thunderbird users. Before moving forward, let’s discuss why migrating thunderbird emails is essential?

Why Export Thunderbird Emails to Outlook?

  • Outlook has a spam filter that helps to avoid phishing attacks.
  • Tasks and calendars are not included in Thunderbird.
  • Due to the slow development process, security and stability are not emphasized.
  • With Outlook, you can set up complex rules to automate your workflow and manage email messages.

These are the reason behind why migrating emails from Thunderbird to Outlook. Now let’s move toward our main topic.

How to Migrate from Thunderbird to Outlook?

You can easily migrate emails from Thunderbird to Outlook using these three methods.

  1. Export Thunderbird emails from Outlook using an IMAP Account.
  2. Migrate Thunderbird to Outlook using Drag and Drop Solution.
  3. Professional Thunderbird Email Backup Tool

Export Thunderbird emails from Outlook using an IMAP Account

Step 1: Configure IMAP Setting in Gmail

You can use your Gmail account to Sign in to Thunderbird, but you must enable the IMAP setting before that.

  1. Login to your Gmail account and open the settings.
  2. Go to the Forwarding and POP/IMAP option and click on Enable IMAP button.
  3. Now, save the changes.

Step 2: Log in to Thunderbird Using Gmail IMAP Account

  1. Now, Run Thunderbird and go to a Thunderbird email account.
  2. Here provide the login details like email and password, then click on Continue to open it.
  3. Now, Select the IMAP button and tap on the Done button.
    After completing these changes, try logging into Thunderbird using a Gmail account.
  4. Make a new folder in your Gmail account.
  5. Move all the Thunderbird emails you want to migrate in Outlook to the newly created folder.
  6. Now, log in to your Gmail account and check whether all the emails are synced or not.

Step 3: At last Configure a Gmail account in MS Outlook

  1. Open MS Outlook and go to File
  2. Under File, Option Click on Account Setting> Account Setting.
  3. Now, Click on the new button to add a Gmail account.
  4. Provide your Gmail Login credential and Click on Connect button.

Now, the whole account is configured, and you can easily open all Thunderbird emails in MS Outlook.

Migrate Thunderbird to Outlook using Drag and Drop Solution

We can easily migrate from Thunderbird to Outlook because these email clients support the drag and drop method. All you have to follow is the below-given step:

Step 1: Export Thunderbird emails as EML File

  1. Navigate to the Mailbox folder in Thunderbird
  2. Choose the mails which you want to export.
  3. Now, Righ-click on selected mail and click on Save As utility.
  4. Opt for the folder where you want to save the EML files and press on save button.

Step 2: Import EML File in Outlook Folder

  1. Open Outlook and create a new folder where you want to import the saved EML file.
  2. Select all the EML files that you saved before.
  3. Drag and Drop these files into the new Outlook folder.
  4. Hence, this step will successfully import EML files into Outlook.

This manual solution is helpful only for small mailboxes; when you try to import a large mailbox by these methods, it got freezes or may not respond. So if you want a complete migration from Thunderbird to Outlook, go with the professional solutions that experts recommend.

Professional Thunderbird Email Backup Tool to Migrate All Mailboxes

To migrate from Thunderbird to Outlook with all mailboxes, opt with Sysinfo Thunderbird Email Backup Tool. This tool is strongly recommended by experts for bulk conversion in MS Outlook. The software can migrate mailboxes items like emails, contacts, and attachments into various file formats and email clients. It provides multiple inbuilt features such as previewing the files, removing duplicate items, etc. Moreover, the Thunderbird backup tool can migrate emails into Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Office 365, and many more email clients.

Some Key Features of Thunderbird Backup Tool

  • Easily download Thunderbird Mailboxes into External Hard Drive
  • Easily preview of Mailboxes data and attachments while conversion.
  • Allow deleting duplicate emails
  • Save the resultant files to the same location

Steps to Migrate from Thunderbird to Outlook

  1. Download the software and run it as an administrator
  2. Select the profile which you want to Migrate into Outlook PST format
  3. Here you can preview the mailbox item, select the folder in the list
  4. From the drop-down list, select PST as the saving format.
  5. Choose the in-built features as per your requirements.
  6. Click on Path to save the button to set the destination path.
  7. You can now begin migrating from Thunderbird to Outlook PST by clicking on the Convert button.
  8. Once the process gets completed Download the report and exits the software.


In this technical blog, we learn about the different methods to Migrate from Thunderbird to Outlook PST. Here we have the two methods Manual and Professional. As we can see manual methods are time-consuming and require technical skills to perform. It also has a chance of data loss. On the other hand, we have a professional Thunderbird Email backup Tool that can easily migrate all your mailboxes into Outlook PST with a few simple steps. This professional method also maintains data integrity.

About The Author:

Danish is a Profesional Technical Content Developer with over 2 Years of Experience. He has excellent knowledge in content writing in the field of Data Recovery, Email Migrations, Cloud Migration and Database Management.

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