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Microsoft Points to October end-of-support for older Office Apps Accessing 365 Services

Bad news for Microsoft users!! Microsoft reminded its users that from Oct.13, the company will not keep up older versions of Office apps. It is about those Office apps which are connecting with Microsoft 365 and Office 365 service.

In a support document policy dated July 20, the Microsoft cataloged the apps will be “supported for connecting to O365 (and Microsoft 365) services”. Such services like SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, and OneDrive for Business.

  • MS 365 Apps for enterprise, earlier known as “Office 365 ProPlus;”
  • MS 365 Apps for enterprise,“Office 365 Business;”
  • Office 2019;
  • Office 2016 has only the Windows versions.

The Office version left cold supplied with “perpetual” licenses–one’s users paid for once, not repeatedly as for Microsoft or Office 365 subscriptions. It also included Office 2013 on Windows, which supported till April 11, 2023; Office 2016 for Mac and Office 2010 for Windows. The last two basic support on Oct. 13. (Office versions for Mac supported for solely 5 years, then the last decade Windows’ editions receive.)

Although excluding some Office apps from O365 service support could seem to hassle particularly when these apps owed years of support. Microsoft makes the blow easy significantly. The Redmond, Wash. developer acknowledged in a support document file that his company won’t help any measures to resist other versions of the MS Office like Office 2013 and from connecting to services of Office 365. But older users may encounter reliability or performance issues.

With support lost much from omission than the money, Microsoft acknowledged that users “will nearly face an increased security risk” and “find themselves out of compliance” rather than be all of the sudden suspended from accessing, say, OneDrive.

Microsoft has a lengthy play with the support of Office apps connecting to Office 365 services. Three years ago, Microsoft stated that perpetual-license variations of Office would connect to Microsoft’s cloud-based services solely through the first half of their 10-years life cycle. Microsoft set Oct. 13, 2020, the new beginning for the new policies.

As dated in September 2018, Microsoft gave Office 2016, stating the suite would join the services by October 2023.

Office 2019’s support Microsoft and Office 365 services additionally expires in October 2023.

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