10 Best Outlook Tips & Tricks To Become An MS Outlook Expert

The best and untold Outlook Tips & Tricks that would help you in maintaining your appointments, emails quicker and easier. Become an MS Outlook expert with this guide book.

MS Outlook Tips & Tricks
In this fast life, time is an important factor in everyone’s life. Even having 24 hours in a day, it seems so much less.  Everyone is running to make their work done.

In corporations or big corporate houses, you are told to complete your work as quickly as possible. Be it sending emails, creating appointments, scheduling your database and so on.

And with this fast moving life Microsoft has created an email application which not only helps you in sending emails but it is also a great tool in scheduling meetings and time.

Millions of us use Microsoft Outlook every day to manage their emails at work and at home. But the real issue is that most of us don’t even know how to make the most of this email application. There are so many shortcuts and Outlook tricks that it is very hard to keep in mind every details of it. Even some simple tricks of Microsoft Outlook’s would surely help you work more effectively, efficiently and would surely place your name at the top of the notice board.

All these tips can be used for Outlook 2007, 2019, and 2013.

So now let’s have a look on some of the best Outlook Tips & tricks:

Microsoft Outlook Tips:

  1. Schedule Email Delivery Time:

    One of Microsoft Outlook Tips is that it let you do defer delivery. If you are planning to send an email later and not now. Then Outlook let you do this defer delivery of your email. It is an interesting option for users. As it is not possible for everyone to remain in front of their computer system every time.
    Process: It is a very simple process.
    Just write down your email – Click on Options Tab (Top bar) – Select Delay Delivery.
    Outlook Tips & Tricks

    This will open a new dialogue box.
    Then click on “Do not deliver before” and mention the date and time you want to send that email and click Send.
    Outlook Tips & Tricks

    As soon as you will click send the message will remain in your outbox till the mentioned time and date.
    You may also refer to Microsoft’s article: Delay Or Schedule Sending Email Messages

  2. Ignore Junk Emails:

    If you have been facing problems with junk emails or spamming, then this outlook trick would surely help you out in ignoring those spammers.
    You can do this by selecting an email from your list and then click “Junk”
    Outlook Tips & Tricks

    Here you will get 04 options to choose from:
    Outlook Tips & Tricks

    a) Block Sender
    b) Never Block Sender
    c) Never Block Sender’s Domain
    d) Never Block This Group Or Mailing List

    With the help of these four options, you can either block a sender or block the website / domain from which you are getting the emails.
    You may also refer to this Technet article: Configure Junk Email Settings

  3. New Appointment & Email Creation:

    If your primarily work is sending emails or creating new appointments, then you might like this Outlook trick or Outlook feature. The third outlook trick is creating new email, appointment, task, meeting and contact.
    For this you just have to right click on your Outlook’s logo in the taskbar to open a list of shortcuts of the mentioned tasks.
    Outlook Tips & Tricks

  4. Using Email Templates:

    Bored of writing the same type of emails again and again?
    Then this outlook secret might pull you out from your boredom.
    For the emails which you send frequently like invoices or meeting request over mail save the file as a template in Outlook.
    Go To File – Save As
    Outlook Tips & Tricks

    As soon as you click Save as, it will open a new dialogue box. Here just mention the name of the file and in “Save as type:” put “Outlook Template (*.oft)”
    Outlook Tips & Tricks

    Then to use this saved template, go to New Items – Choose Form
    Outlook Tips & Tricks

    Now in the new dialogue box, under “Look In” tab choose “User Templates In File System”
    Now from there browse and select the template that you saved.
    Outlook Tips & Tricks

    For more details about using templates you can checkout this article from The Unversity Of Iowa: Using Templates In Outlook

  5. Delete Your Not-So-Important Messages Automatically:

    One of the Outlook Email features in Outlook 2010 & Outlook 2013 is the Outlook cleanup tool. If you want to delete some files or emails to clean up some space in your Outlook then this tool would surely help you out. As an expert, I always suggest this tool to my clients to fix slow Outlook or if their Outlook getting hanged frequently.
    Process: Click on Home Tab (Top Left Corner) – Click on Cleanup
    Outlook Tips & Tricks

    With the help of this inbuilt tool, you will be able to clean up a conversation or even a whole folder depending upon your needs. This tool will check the unimportant messages and would move it to trash folder.

    For a detailed reviw or more steps, I would like to suggest these article too:
    Use Conversation Cleanup To Delete Redundant Messages By: Microsoft
    Cleaning Up Your MailBox By: Blink

  6. Track Read Receipt:

    One of Outlook Tips & Tricks is it’s read and receipt feature. With the help of this tool, you would be able to track your email’s delivery and read receipts. In this modern world, you get a lot of emails and same goes for your clients. So it would be a great option, if you can track whether the recipient have received and read your email or not.  For that
    Open your Outlook – Click on File – and then Options
    Outlook Tips & Tricks

    Now in the “Mail” Tab – scroll down to the Tracking section.
    Outlook Tips & Tricks

    From here, you can choose whether you are only looking for a delivery report or a read receipt or both. Not only that you can also control, whether you need this receipts for every email you send or for some selected ones.
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  7. Outlook SYNC:

    If you are planning to sync your personal email or another email in Outlook then Microsoft Outlook allows its users to sync it. Being an Outlook lover due to its features, I love to work over Outlook. So It is kind of a great feature that outlook provides.
    Process: Click On File (Top Left Corner) – Add Account
    Outlook Tips & Tricks

    After Add Account – Type Your Name – Email Address that you want to sync (gmail / yahoo / yahoo) –  password – and finally next.
    Outlook Tips & Tricks

    Outlook will automatically sync your personal emails through this method.

    Apart from that, if you are planning to convert your Outlook OST files To PST. Then you can check out my earlier blog: How To Convert OST File To PST

  8. Swapping Time-Zones:

    If you are the type of guy / girl, who always travel for work or for personal meetings. Then this Outlook trick would surely be gold for you.
    If you travel frequently then you would surely know how frustrating it is to get to the appointment and meeting timings as it shows up at wrong local time. For this reason, Outlook has given its users the option to change their time-zones. Not only that, you can also configure a second time zone to keep a track of time back home or in other countries. With this feature, you can keep an eye on your client’s time zone to ensure that you catch them during office hours and not during an inconvenient time.
    Process: For this Click on File Tab (top left corner) – Options
    Outlook Tips & Tricks

    After clicking on options – Click on Calendar – Scroll down to Time Zones
    Outlook Tips & Tricks

    From here, you can easily change your time zone or can swap it.
    If you are looking for more details you can go to this detailed article by University of Oregon: How To Change Time Zone Settings In Outlook

  9. Filtering Emails:

    A quick and easy way to search emails is through the Filter Email dropdown button that Outlook has provided to its users. Just by clicking one of the menu options instantly filters all your emails depending upon the menu you have chosen.
    Process: first click on your folder (Inbox / Sent) – Filter email.
    Outlook Tips & Tricks

  10. Creating Signature:

    Typing down signature for every email is a hard task. Putting in your name, designation, address, company name, your social links and contact information might take a good amount of time. To make this easy and less hectic Outlook has created its own signature tool. Just update that and it will automatically insert your signature in every email that you will send.
    Click File in your Outlook – and then options
    Outlook Tips & Tricks

    Then click on “Mail” tab – Signatures
    Outlook Tips & Tricks

    As soon as you will click on “signatures” a new window would open – click on “New”
    Outlook Tips & Tricks

    Type the Name for your signature
    For personal emails you can keep a different name and for professional a different name, to ensure you have an idea which one to use for which emails.
    Outlook Tips & Tricks

    Put in the content of your signature. And its done.
    Outlook Tips and Tricks

    For more details on this topic you can go through this article too Create & Add A Signature To Messages: By Microsoft
    So here, was my Top 10 Microsoft Outlook Tips & Tricks which you can use.

    Apart from these Outlook tips & tricks there are some Outlook’s keyboard shortcuts too, which you might want to know to make your life easier.

    Top 6 Outlook’s Keyboard Shortcuts:

    These Outlook tricks or shortcuts are unknown to many users.

    1. Ctrl+R: Reply to emails
    2. Alt+R: Reply to all in that given email
    3. Alt+S: Send email
    4. Alt+W: Forward the email
    5. Ctrl+M: Send / Receive all folders
    6. F9: Send / Receive all folders

For more keyboard shortcuts you may refer to this detailed article Microsoft Outlook Keyboard Shortcuts By: Veristas

You can also switch to to your email, calendar, contacts, tasks, notes and other folder by clicking Ctrl + (The place number in which the item is placed)
Mail: Ctrl + 1
Calendar: Ctrl + 2
Contacts: Ctrl + 3
Outlook Tips & Tricks

So these were my Top 6 Outlook’s Keyboard shortcuts and Microsoft Outlook tips. Hope you guys liked my blog “10 Best Outlook Tips & Tricks To Become an MS Outlook Expert”

With these blog I have tried to make your life easy by making you understand about some of the Outlook Tips & tricks and Outlook’s keyboard shortcuts.

If you need any other help or have any question regarding any other Outlook tricks. Just put a reply in the comment section below.

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