How To Recover Files From Shift Delete Manually In Windows 7, 8, XP & 10

Being an expert in this field, I know how hard it is to restore files after shift delete. We do it unintentionally but the consequences that we face is severe. We lose our crucial data. So today, I will be telling you ‘how to recover files from shift delete manually and for free’

Some days back, I got a question on the same topic and the question was like this:

How to recover shift deleted files? I mistakenly used shift + delete and permanently deleted some of my files from my system. And now when I was trying to locate the files in my recycle bin, it was not there. I guess it has been permanently deleted. So is there any way to restore permanently deleted files or how to restore shift deleted files?

I guess many of use face issues like this.

We unintentionally delete some of our files and then lost it permanently. Just a simple delete is not an issue as you can restore it from Recycle Bin but shift + delete means deleting the file permanently.

So now my question to you..have you ever faced this kind of issue? If yes, how you dealt with this problem?
You may answer it in the comment section 🙂

How Most Users Perform Shift Deleted Files Recovery

Yes, there are some good procedures and techniques through which you can recover shift deleted files but as per stats and a recent survey, most users use a third party software to fix this issue.

Now the question is, if there are manual techniques then why most of us use a paid third party software?

Now the answer to this comes in the survey. When these users were asked why they preferred a third party software over manual procedures which are free? Most of them replied that they had no idea that there even exist any free procedure through which they can restore files after shift delete without any hassle.

That is why I planned to write this article where I would be telling you how to recover shift deleted files and for free.

But before that, we need to keep in mind certain things like:

Why We Cannot Restore Files From Recycle Bin After Shift + Delete In Windows 7, 8, XP & 10

shift deleted files recovery

I guess we all know, if we mistakenly do a simple delete in Windows 7m Windows8, Windows XP or in Windows 10 then the files get stored if Recycle Bin. So we can easily restore the deleted files from Recycle Bin.

However, shift + delete shortcut in Windows meant for permanent deletion. So when you press shift + delete, your system take it as permanent deletion without sending it to Recycle Bin as a backup. That is why we don’t find permanently deleted files in Recycle Bin.

In general, when you delete a file permanently by pressing shift + delete, Windows simply makes some space in the hard drive for being available to use without destroying the content of your file. So you still have the opportunity to restore files after shift delete process.

How To Recover Shift Deleted Files Efficiently

Method 1: Using Restore Previous Versions

In the first method to recover files from shift delete,

  • Go to file and right-click on it
  • and choose ‘Restore previous versions’

how to restore shift deleted files

By restoring the previous versions, there are chances that you might be able to recover shift deleted files or restore files after shift delete.

Method 2: Suing System Protection

In the second method of shift deleted files recovery process go to ‘Control Panel’

  • Click on ‘System & Security’
  • Go to ‘Settings’ and ‘System protection’ on the left sidebar
  • Now select a drive and click on ‘configure’
  • Click on ‘ restore system settings ‘ and click ‘Ok’
  • Now in the next wizard, you will see an option to recover files from shift delete. Select and click ‘Ok’
  • This is how to restore shift deleted files easily

how to recover shift deleted files

Method 3: Using Deleted File Recovery

Now, if both the techniques don’t work then the only way to recover shift deleted files is by using a third-party software.

One of the most renowned tools in recovering permanently deleted files is SysInfoTools Deleted File Recovery Tool.

The software application is one of the most advanced & trusted tool to recover files from shift delete. The software also has an easy user interface so that even a non-technical guy can also use it without any help.

You may also check out this article where I have reviewed this tool in a detailed way: Top 10: The Best Professional Data Recovery Software

Shift Deleted Files Recovery With Deleted File Recovery Tool

The Deleted File Recovery Tool from SysInfoTools is loaded with some amazing features like:

  • Complete and safe recovery of permanently deleted files
  • Restore files after shift delete from different volumes and drives
  • Support recovery of shift deleted files from both FAT and NTFS file systems
  • Two scanning modes: Standard and advanced
  • Three recovery modes to handle different types of corruption: Standard, Advances and Deep
  • Loaded with RAW recovery mode
  • Let users to preview files and folders even before saving
  • Simple and easy to use GUI
  • Support all version of MS Windows OS

Download Now

Note: The software has a demo version too for their users, which you can download by clicking on the below link. The free version will let you to evaluate the tool as it is also laden with all the above-mentioned features. Just that you can recover and preview the files but cannot save it.

These are few of the major features of this software. But there are some con’s /disadvantages too:

  • Doesn’t support MAC
  • Doesn’t run on Linux

So I guess, now you have a fair idea on how to recover shift deleted files manually in Windows 7m Windows8, Windows XP or in Windows 10

Hope you liked it.

For more info, you may check out my other articles.

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