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Top 4 Manual Techniques To Repair MS Access Database

Facing problems with MS Access Database?

Or Corrupt Database?

Or cannot access your database?

I know you might be thinking, what kind of daunting task it would be to fix Access database corruption?
You might be going through a lot of Access database repair tools, their user reviews, software features and so on but couldn’t finalize one particular tool to repair MS Access database.

Or you will be searching for manual procedure for MS Access Database recovery.

So just chill and have your beer, as here I would share with you some manual tips to repair MS Access and how we can prevent it from getting corrupted. So, no need to pay 100$ for third party tools.

By the way do keep in mind that it is quite hard to do MS Access database recovery after getting corrupted. So better work on preventive measures first.

Prevention is better than cure”. By: Desiderius Erasmus

Repair MS Access

In today’s life, MS Access plays a major role in day to day work for every corporation / organization. With so many helpful features, it has become one of the looked upon database application for every organization. With high-end algorithms but easy to use interface and jet database engine make it a sought after application by most of the corporations. It is this huge trust and simple interface that most of the known large cap organizations store their significant data in MS Access database application.

Its jet database engine and simple to use interactive graphical user interface are the two such factors that add feather to its cap. It is the trust of large organizations over the MS Access application that they are storing their significant data in it.

As it is a data file there are great chances of getting corrupted. And guess what, every one of us is looking for solutions to repair MS Access.

Reason of Database Corruption And Tips For MS Access Database Recovery

Before going through the steps to fix access database corruption, we first have to understand why MS Access gets corrupted.

Reasons Of Database Corruption:

Database files are not a file made in heaven or sent by god. So they are prone to corruption. See in today’s life each and every file is prone to corruption. But the reasons may vary

Repair MS Access

  • Virus Attack:  Virus attack is the one of the most common reason for corruption. A small virus can easily corrupt your files or databases by deleting some of its parts or by overwriting the file. So always make sure your system is safe from virus or spywares.
  • Hardware Reasons: It happens when your hardware or storing device fails to store your data or transfer it. If this happen, there is a great chance of your database getting corrupt.
  • System Crash: In this situation, if your system shutdowns automatically or doesn’t work properly there is great chance of your files getting corrupt or may even lost your data forever.
  • Data Synchronization: Data synchronization is a great way to sync your huge data between two or more devices. But if it not done correctly, it may make your data inaccessible.

Steps To Improve MS Access Performance:

Before telling you the steps to fix Access database corruption or how to repair MS Access, I would first let you know some useful tips & tricks to prevent this corruption of data.

Repair MS Access

  • Delete unnecessary and not so important sheets: Yes, the best and the easiest way to prevent your data from corruption is to delete unnecessary files which are not in use. Keeping the unimportant files day by day in the same database will surely make it a huge one like those Giant Japanese Sumos. And sometimes big size is not a good option.
  • Backup: Taking regular backup of your files is a good and secure way to save your data. If you are keeping a regular backup of your files then there is a great chance of recovering your database if it gets inaccessible.
  • Proper Exit From Access: Always exit or cancel MS Access properly. If not done properly it may cause database corruption. So always follow this process File Tab – And the click Exit.
  • Frequent compacting your database: To compact your database, there is an inbuilt tool for this by Microsoft “Compact & Repair Utility Tool”. With the help of this tool, you can compact your files properly plus you can also repair and fix the corrupt files. Not only this, it also helps in boosting up the performance of your database.
  • Split database: If two or more users are accessing the database at the same time then it would be a good option to split your data. You can split it in two parts: Front End which contains queries, reports, forms and data access pages. Whereas the backend includes the entire table of MS Access and the data stored in it.

Even after following all this process, if your access files gets corrupted or inaccessible. Then I would suggest you to go for these manual techniques for your MS Access Database recovery.

Top 4 Methods To Fix Access Database Corruption:

In this last part of this article, I would be telling the 4 best ways to Repair MS Access manually. I hope you are done with your beer because this is the part where you need to take control of your system and by the way, no drunken working 😛

So here are three manual ways for MS Access Database Recovery

1) Use Of Microsoft Jet Compact Utility: Jet compact utility is an inbuilt tool mostly works when the issue is minor and not a major one. You can download this tool from Microsoft official site. We usually call it as Jetcomp.exe

2) Backup And Restore: The second method to repair MS Access is to keep a backup of your access files and then restore it on a later stage.

In this method, you have to delete the backup file tables and import the corrupt database tables.. There are two ways to do this:

  1. a) Out here, first you have to delete all the rows from your backup and then copy that data with the help of AOD (VBA Code)
  2. b) In the second option, you have to use the “Import Wizard” to import all data table.

Note: It’s hard to import data using Import Wizard. So to do that, first you have to open a page in the new database that you have created. Kindly follow the below steps to create or open an existing page:

  • Click Objects -> Pages in the Database Window.
  • Then, click on New. In the New Data Access Page dialog box, select Existing Web Page and done.

3) Inbuilt Compact And Repair: In this third method to fix Access database corruption, we will discuss about the inbuilt tool that MS office provides to repair MS Access. This tool has been made to deal with corruption of large files. This tool would surely help you in reducing the size of your database. Kindly go through the below process to repair MS Access database files

Step 1: Open the Microsoft Access program and click on the Database Tools tab

Repair MS Access


Step 2:  Choose Compact and Repair Database.

Repair MS Access


Step 3: Now browse the MS access database file and choose the file(s) and then click on Compact.Repair MS Access


Step 4: After it, you have to create a fresh database in the Compact Database Into dialog box. Enter the name of file and click Save button.Repair MS Access
4). Importing Corrupt Files To A New One:
Yes I know, sometimes we get impatient reading long articles. But trust me; this is the last step of MS Access Database recovery.  In this process, you have to import your corrupt files to a new database.
Note: This one doesn’t help you to repair MS Access but you can recover your earlier files from the corrupt ones.

Step 1: Open MS Access & create a new database file by typing down a new name and destination folder

Repair MS Access


Step 2: After creating a new database, click on External Data Tab on Access toll bar at the top

Repair MS Access


Step 3: Now choose on Access to import your data

Repair MS Access

Step 4: As soon as you will click on Access, a new window will pop-up. Here browse your earlier data by click on “File Name”

Repair MS Access

Step 5: Now search the access database files by browsing it. And click “Open” to confirm

Repair MS Access

Step 6: Now in the “Import box” select the objects or all objects that you want to import

Repair MS Access

Step 7: This process will seamlessly import all the selected objects.

Repair MS Access

Note: This import process only import modules, queries, reports, forms, tables and macros.

Why You Need Access Database Repair Tool?

Hope now you know:

  1. Reasons of database corruption
  2. Precautions to take for MS Access database recovery
  3. Manual techniques to fix Access database corruption

But even after going through all this, if you are not able to repair MS Access or fix Access database corruption then you have only one option and that is to use an Access database repair tool.

You can use any Access database repair tool in the market. But before purchasing kindly check the reviews and information’s given in the product brochure. As every recovery tool is different from other in regards of features and usability.

Apart from that, from my side I would like to suggest you to use MS Access Recovery Tool from SysInfo tools. As i have used their product and liked it too.

Download Now

Not only that they have a demo version which you can also use before purchasing it.

Plus check out this video for step by step tutorial about this software.

For any other queries or clarification about this post or on any other topic, kindly put a comment in the comment section. I would love to help you out

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