How To Resolve Recovery Pending State Error In SQL Server

Recovery Pending State is one of the major errors users face. And today, we will resolve it with manual techniques

Apart from “Online state”, seeing your SQL database in any other state may make anyone nervous.

And in case, if your database is showing “Recovery Pending state” then it simply means that the recovery cannot be started. Unless this error is resolved your database cannot come online.

With this article, today we will discuss:

  • reasons for this SQL error
  • how to fix recovery pending in SQL server 2008
  • how to fix recovery pending in SQL server 2012
  • how to fix recovery pending in SQL server 2014
  • how to fix recovery pending in SQL server 2016

So to know how to resolve recovery pending state in SQL Server, keep reading:

Reasons For Recovery Pending State Error

Facing this kind of error when using your database may lead to halt of your work. By the way, you can use sys.databases catalog to check the database state. But this tool doesn’t work to resolve this issue.

There are various reasons for this Pending state error and some of them are:

  • Corruption of your MDF files
  • Low in space for recovery during startup
  • Power failure
  • Hardware failure
  • Sudden SQL server shutdown
  • Insufficient memory or disk space

So these were some of the reasons for this Pending state error.


Errors You May Face With Your Database When In Pending State Error

As mentioned above there are various reasons due to which a user might face Recovery pending state / Pending state error. And under some scenarios, it is very hard to bring back the data online. But still there are some techniques to resolve this recovery pending state error But before that would like to share with you the errors which you might see in your system while using your SQL database:


In this below ‘error 5173’ it says that some of your database files don’t match and there are chances of corruption in your files.
Pending State error

This error occurs when there is a compatibility or permission issue when trying to attach an earlier SQL database version to a newer one.

This error pops up when you have an insufficient space or memory to save your data. This is one of the basic error which occurs when your database has inaccessible database files due to insufficient space.

You will see this kind of error when your Log files will not match with your SQL database files. A possible reason for this can be that your LOG files have been rebuilt or have been associated with a different database.

Step by Step Procedure To Resolve Pending State Error

To resolve this error, I would first advice you to

  • Check MDF and LDF files are even present there or not?
  • And also if your drive is available or not

If it passes all the criteria then you should drop the DB and restore the database from the backup. And just in case, if you don’t have a backup of your files then you may follow the below mentioned steps to resolve this error:

  • First, try and stop your SQL server
  • Delete some existing data to free some space. So that there is enough space in your system to store the recovered data
  • Now restart your SQL server to get it online again

Even after all these things, if your data is not online. Then your data is corrupted. And with this procedure, you cannot resolve this issue.

To resolve corruption, you may use any SQL Database recovery software which are available in the market. As these tools, are quite efficient in repairing and restoring corrupt data. Just download it, and follow the step by step procedure mentioned there.

It’s this easy.

And after this, you would be able to resolve recovery pending state error in SQL server.

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