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How To Resolve MS Word/Excel Error “The File Is Corrupted And Cannot Be Opened”

  • Published on:  September 19th, 2017
  • Updated on:  February 24, 2022
  • Read Time:  4 minutes

Today we will discuss how to resolve MS Excel Error ” The File Is Corrupted And Cannot Be Opened”

From government offices to big corporate Microsoft Excel is an absolute necessity for all of us. From managing huge data’s, to calculations…we have been using Excel in our daily lives. Excel is a part of the famous Microsoft Office suite which also includes some other popular applications like MS Word, PowerPoint, MS Access and so on. And with this ever-changing world, every application needs an update. And likewise, Microsoft also updated its applications regularly with new fixes. But even with all the scheduled updates, some of the users do face small bugs while migrating or upgrading from an older version to a newer one.

Microsoft always provides updates for any kind of errors user may face when upgrading to a new and advanced version of Excel. With the new versions of MS Excel predominantly MS Excel 2010 and above versions, users have faced errors when they tried to open an Excel file that was created by an older version of MS Excel.

And the major error that most of the users have faced is ‘The File Is Corrupted And Cannot Be Opened ‘

Now when most of us face these types of errors…we mostly Panic. You might fear that all of your crucial data is corrupted and now you cannot access these files. But that is not the case as there are some ways through which you can resolve The File Is Corrupted And Cannot Be Opened error and can access your data easily.

So let’s see…how to do this

Top 03 Ways To Resolve The File Is Corrupted And Cannot Be Opened Error In Excel

The file is corrupted and cannot be opened

Changing Your Excel’s Protected View Settings

When any user upgrades their Excel to an advanced version, Excel by default change the Protected View settings of its files. So to change it, you may follow the below-mentioned steps

  • Open Excel
  • Go to “File” and click on “Options”
  • Now scroll down and go to “Trusted Centre”
  • Now click on “Trusted Centre Settings”
  • Click on “Protected View”
  • Uncheck all the options given there and click on “Ok”

Now close Excel and open it again. This process would, however, resolve the file is corrupted and cannot be opened error but if it doesn’t just go through my second mentioned technique.

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Changing Excel’s Component Services Settings

As mentioned above, Excel also changes your Excel’s Component Service setting when you upgrade it to an advanced version. So to change this follow the steps

  • Go to “Start” menu and click on “Search”
  • Now search  ‘dcomcnfg’
  • As soon as you search a new Component Services window will open
  • Now expand the Computer’s folder located in the leftmost pane
  • Right click on “My Computer” and click on “Properties”
  • In the new window click on “Default Properties”
  • Here, just check the option “Enable Distributed COM on this computer”
  • And set the value of “Default Authentication Level” as “Connect” and “Default Impersonation Level” as “Identify”
  • Now cloze Microsoft Excel and open it again.

If both the techniques don’t work and couldn’t resolve the file is corrupted and cannot be opened error then I would suggest you to go for the third technique. These manual techniques are quite efficient but sometimes it doesn’t work as told. As sometimes, we have no idea about the cause of the error.

Using An Excel Recovery Tool

Sometimes the problem is data corruption and changing any settings will never work during that time. So the best way to resolve Excel corruption issue is by using this Excel Recovery Tool.

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I would refer you this software to resolve these types of errors and corruption issues as this tool can resolve any types of Excel errors plus can also handle data corruption.

So hopefully now you know how to resolve the file is corrupted and cannot be opened error in Excel.

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