How to Add/Create email Signature in Outlook 2019 and Other Versions?

The emails look more professional and authentic when the customized signature is there along with hyperlinked images and company logos. So here in this blog, we will discuss “ how to create email signature in Outlook”. Let’s start with understanding Email Signature.

MS Outlook is the most popular and crucial software provided by Microsoft. The software is used for the exchange of Emails and stores contacts, calendars, and journals, etc.  MS Outlook has awesome properties like Email filter, irrelevant or unnecessary emails or junks that can be blocked, synchronization of google, and Outlook calendar. The email signature is one of the best services provided in MS Outlook. The email signature is utilized to add contacts and details along with messages. 

Let’s begin to know Email Signature in detail..

What is Email Signature and why is it important??

Email Signature holds an important and valuable place as it reflects the authority of the sender. It is a kind of brand image that has much more value than your name, also named Email Footer.  Also, it serves the recipient with details of your company and helps to identify. It includes name, position held, contact, and company logos.

An Email signature is crucial as it helps to increase the brand information and enhances market opportunities. Now move further for ways to add or create signatures in the Outlook emails.

How to Insert / Create Email Signature in Outlook Manually?

To create signature in Outlook Email, all you need to do is carefully follow the below-listed steps in the manner:

  • Open the Outlook and Tap on the file button.
  • Go to the left-hand side of the window and Tap on the “Options”.
  • On the Outlook Options Displayed Window, Go to the Left Side Dialog Box and hit on the “Mail” option. 
  • On the displayed Mail Screen Tap on the “Signatures” button.
  • Tap on New and generate the signature below the “Select Signature to edit” box available on the “Signatures and Stationery” dialog box.
  • Once the new signature is created, provide a name in the new dialog box Provide a good expressive name and Hit “OK”.

Important NOTES: 

  • Set your signature as default email signature in Outlook 2013 and you provide the option to involve signature on specific mail or not from the drop-down boxes present on the right-hand side of the “Signatures and Stationery” box. 
  • The user is independent of adding images, company logos, business cards, or hyperlinks in the email signature you created.
  • You can generate or add more signatures as per your wish or requirement.

Select Saved Signatures Manually:

We discussed how to create email signature in Outlook now let’s discuss choosing an already saved email signature manually. Go through the listed steps carefully:

  • View “New Email” in MS Outlook and Hit the “Signature” icon. You will get the saved signatures from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose the required signature needed for the new email. It will include in the email box. 

The above-discussed method is the best possible easiest way to add and create a signature in Outlook Email. If you follow the above steps sincerely then it becomes easier to add or create the signature in Outlook Email.

Final Verdicts:

The Email  Signature option enables you to eliminate the difficulties while you insert initials each time during sending emails from Outlook. I hope this blog will help you in adding email signatures to the Outlook Email. If you still face any difficulty then do mention in the comment.

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