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What to Do If Amazon AWS Workmail Not Receiving Emails?

  • Published on:  June 28th, 2021
  • Updated on:  January 31, 2022
  • Read Time:  5 minutes

If you are using Amazon WorkMail and facing the AWS Workmail not receiving emails problem, this article will help you a lot. Here, I am explaining the best solution to resolve this issue. I also described the root causes of the problem. So, read the complete article carefully for a complete solution.

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Amazon WorkMail is a part of Amazon Web Services (AWS) which is among the leading cloud service platforms. The email client offers a mailing service and calendaring features. Also, it is a business productivity tool by Amazon. It is an advanced email client. However, sometimes users face problems with it.

To deal with any problem, we must know its root cause. After that, we can implement a suitable method. So, let us learn the reasons for the error.

Reasons For the AWS WorkMail Not Receiving Emails Problem

The above problem generally arises because of the wrong configuration settings. So, you can fix the AWS WorkMail mailbox unavailable problem by making suitable changes to the settings. However, there are other reasons too.

  • It may be possible that the emails that you are receiving are marked as spam. In this case, you will receive the emails but they will be forwarded to trash. So, you can check the trash or deleted emails folder.
  • The MX record specifies those servers that store emails for your domain provider. It is a resource record in the DNS database. Therefore, if the MX Record related to your email account is missing or misconfigured, you will face the AWS Workmail not receiving emails problem.

After learning the above reasons, you can fix the problem. As there are not many standard solutions for the problem, the best option is to migrate the mailbox files to another email client. For this purpose, you need a professional solution through which you can easily migrate the data.

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Best Solution to the Amazon Workmail Not Receiving Emails Problem

When you can not fix the AWS Workmail not receiving emails problem, you should migrate your mailbox data to another email client and migrate your existing mailbox data. This way, you will continue receiving emails. Sysinfo Amazon AWS Workmail Backup Wizard is the best tool to Backup your Amazon mailbox data. It can also export your emails to other email clients. Therefore, it is the ideal buy yellow xanax bars solution when you are dealing with the AWS Workmail not working issue.

The salient features of the Sysinfo Amazon Workmail Backup tool are below.

  • The advanced tool converts the Amazon WorkMail to various file formats. It can also migrate the complete mailbox data to a new email client without damaging the files.
  • Remove duplicate emails while creating a backup to migrate only necessary and original data.
  • Delete all the emails from the server after migrating them. You need not log in to your account and clean up your mailbox from unnecessary data.
  • It offers the set a backup schedule feature by which you can initialize the backup on a particular date and time. You can also set a frequency for regular migration.
  • Mail Filter and Task Filter feature help you to export only selected mailbox items. So, you can only migrate necessary files and leave unnecessary data.

As we have discussed earlier, you can not permanently fix the AWS Workmail not receiving emails problem. Therefore, you need to migrate your mailbox data. Let us learn the working procedure of the best utility.

Working of Sysinfo Amazon WorkMail Backup Wizard

  • Download and Install the Sysinfo Amazon Workmail Backup Wizard. Run it as administrator.
SysInfo Amazon Workmail Backup
  • Enter the Amazon Workmail Email Address, App password, and Domain Name. Press Sign in.
SysInfo Amazon Workmail Backup
  • After that, select the items from the tree structure in the left pane, and click on the Next button.
SysInfo Amazon Workmail Backup
  • Choose the file format or email client in the Save/Backup/Migrate As option.
SysInfo Amazon Workmail Backup
  • Select all the additional features of the tool as per your preference.
SysInfo Amazon Workmail Backup
  • Now, tick the Mail Filter option and set the Start Date and End Date for selective migration.
SysInfo Amazon Workmail Backup
  • Similarly, enable the Task filter and assign Start Date and End Date.
SysInfo Amazon Workmail Backup
  • Assign Custom Folder Name and Path to Save the resultant data.
SysInfo Amazon Workmail Backup
  • At last, click on the Convert button to start the email migration.
SysInfo Amazon Workmail Backup
  • You can click on the Download report or Convert Again button.
SysInfo Amazon Workmail Backup


Amazon Work email is an email client that offers various incomparable features. However, you may face the AWS Workmail not receiving emails problem. Now, you can fix the issue by making suitable changes in the settings, but it is not a permanent solution to the problem. Therefore the ideal option is to migrate the mailbox items to the system or another email client. Sysinfo Amazon Workmail Backup Wizard is the best utility to migrate your Amazon mailbox items without damaging the file content.

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