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Automated Solution to Import MBOX to Cpanel

  • Published on:  June 15th, 2020
  • Updated on:  June 16, 2020
  • Read Time:  4 minutes

In this corporate world, many employees choose to import MBOX to cPanel servers. cPanel offers advanced functionality to admin to design and manage their site perfectly. Users can also finish this task with the help of Webmail. If we see then there are 3 different interfaces that are provided by thecPanel servers i.e, Horde, SquirrelMail, and RoundCube. It is easy to manage and view the email account with these interfaces. Also, they do this without the setup of their account. So in this technical blog, we are going to help you to add MBOX file to cPanel.

Mostly, novice people take the advice of their hosting provider. And their provider can give only the traditional methods i.e, same manual methods by Outlook and thunderbird for sync MBOX emails. They are suggesting these methods because they don’t know the current update methods and hence fails to give correct advice. There is a much better option to import your MBOX email i.e, with the help of Professional tools. Hence, we recommend you to use professional tools rather than manual methods. Before we know about the methods of importing, let’s know about the benefits of using cPanel.

Advantages of using cPanel:

  • Easiest Installation: Utility is made up of very easy Graphical User Interface. Hence, it is easy to install cPanel. It normally takes a moment to complete the installation process. The tool itself is a complete package itself to manage your site.
  • Easy Interface: cPanel offers the most informative panel to its users. Offers a very user-friendly interface to its users. Any novice user can run this utility in very ease.
  • Supportive: This is a first-class utility in terms of compatibility. As the user can run cPanel on Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, or Internet Explorer, or any other known browser. And this fact about this is quite interesting.

Must take the help of professional tools to import MBOX to cPanel. These tools allow huge customization in your migration process in order to add MBOX files to cPanel. It is very beneficial to use third party tools for migration. Some features are:

  1. Successfully converts MBOX to IMAP, PST, and other formatting modes.
  2. Highly compatible known tool ever that converts your MSOutlook i.e, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016 MBOX files very easily.
  3. Converts and transfers your all emails simultaneously.
  4. The utility is packed with Date Range features that helps you to search for files rapidly.
  5. You can run this utility on any version of Windows OS.
  6. It comes in a demo version to give you a quick inside view of this tool.

Given below are the manual methods for MBOX to cPanel migration. 

What are the Techniques to Import MBOX to CPanel?

Steps to add MBOX file to cPanel:

Step 01: Install and open the SysInfotools MBOX Exporter, then click on the Add Files.

Step 02: Choose the files you want to convert from your system.

Step 03: Then utility can automatically scan all your docs, hit the OK button.

Step 04: When scanning completes, choose the files you want to transfer and click on Export.

Step 05: Click on the format “Save as IMAP” from the shown list.

Step 06: After the application completes the scanning process. Hit on Ok.

Step 07: If you want to migrate your files to your email account, Choose the email client option and click on the Ok button.

Step 08: Now, your email credentials like Email id & Password on the box.

Step 09: Finally, Hit on the OK button.

The 9th step is the final step for migration. After you click on the OK button the software initiates the process and completes it automatically. Hence, I successfully imported your MBOX files to cPanel.


In this technical blog, you all will get the method to add MBOX to cPanel by using manual techniques. As these manual techniques are found complicated and time-taking to follow. Hence, the next technique we recommend you to take the help of a professional MBOX Exporter tool. This will help you to import MBOX to cPanel and to Import/extract MBOX attachments to computer very easily. Also note that, if you miss any single step of the manual method then the whole process has no meaning so, don’t miss any step.

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