Free Solutions to Convert Mac OLM To Windows PST

To convert Mac OLM to Windows PST, the user needs to first understand the difference between the two. Both the files are generated by the Outlook mail client. The only difference is one is compatible with Windows OS and the other with Mac OS. As the two operating systems are not compatible with each other, their files have the same behavior as well. To solve this messy situation, let’s take a look at a variety of solutions to receive a personalized outcome.

Reasons for OLM to PST Conversion

  1. To view OLM( Outlook for Mac file extension) files on the Windows platform, the user needs to perform OLM to PST conversion( Outlook for Windows file format). 
  2. For the time being, a user is using a Windows platform for all his office work. To access the mailbox content of Mac Outlook, he/she needs to convert files OLM to PST format.

Manual Technique to Convert Mac OLM to Windows PST Format

Step 1: Creating an IMAP Account

  1. First, open any of your mail accounts and then go to Settings by clicking the gear icon. 
  2. In the Settings tab, choose Forwarding and POP/IMAP option.
  3. Next, enable the POP/IMAP option and save the setting.

Step 2: Configure  Windows Outlook with IMAP Account

  1. In the Mac Outlook, go to Tools tab and choose Accounts.
  2. Next, Choose the mail service and type in all the required fields to log in.
  3. In Server: IMAP
  • Connection: SSL with SMTP
  • Port: 465

4. Now, hit Add account.

Step 3: Export Mac Outlook to IMAP Account

  1. In the Mac Outlook, choose the items you wish to move. t
  2. Choose the folder and right-click to Move option, then hit Copy to Folder tab. 
  3. Browse the IMAP folder and hit Copy.
  4. Hit Send/Recieve button to move all the selected OLM emails to the IMAP account. 

Step 4: Configure Windows Outlook with the above IMAP Account

  1. In the Control Panel, choose the Mail tab and then click Email Accounts >> New.
  2. Choose Manually configure server settings then hit Next to proceed further.
  3. Choose IMAP/POP settings then click Next.
  4. Fill in your IMAP account details and Incoming/Outgoing Server details then hit More Settings.
  5. In the Advanced tab, enter the below-mentioned fields:
  6. Port: 993
  • Server: IMAP
  • Connection: SSL
  • Server: SMTP
  • Port: 465
  • Connection: SSL

7. Next, hit Finish after completing the process.

The above methods will help the user to Convert Mac OLM to Windows PST.

The above manual method comes with several limitations. Few of them are: technical expertise is needed to perform the successful conversion and the methods seem lengthy and time-consuming. Moreover, it does not claim a successful and safer conversion. To perform fast and secure conversions, one can simply take the help of third-party utility. One such utility is OLM Converter. The utility claims to convert OLM files to various file formats. Converting OLM file PST file format will convert Mac Outlook files to Windows Outlook.


  • Time efficiently convertsMac OLM files in bulk. 
  • Export Outlook OLM files to EML, MSG, MHT, EMLX, PST, MBOX, TXT, PDFand HTML. 
  • Directly export OLM to mail clients such as Thunderbird, Yahoo, Outlook, Gmail, and Zimbra.
  • Maintains OLM file and folder in a tree structure( hierarchal form).
  • Also, allows converting to PST file format to a particular size.
  • Tends to remove replicated items from the resulted file.
  • Converts single as well as multiple OLM files at once.
  • Remove duplicate emails from the resultant file to optimize the outcome.
  • Compatible with OLM files created by Mac Outlook versions 2019, 2011, and 2016.

We have discussed all the possible how-to methods to Convert Mac OLM to Windows PST. Some of them are not adequate to perform complicated to solve the problem as they require technical supervision/experience, else the user might lose the data. In exchange, among the vast manual approaches, the market offers third party tools which are built for a specific purpose. It is recommended for users to opt for the best-suited solutions to receive the best possible outcome, according to research teams Automated approaches are best-optimized solutions altogether. I hope you find this tip helpful.

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