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Google Drive File Stream Not Working- How to Fix

Not every application will perfectly work well. It does have some flaws, one of them is Google Drive File Stream Not Working. Several users have faced this issue and complain about it many times. Their main issue was that Google Drive File Stream was not working on Mac or Windows 10. Basically, Google Drive is a desktop application that provides the user quick access to their entire Google Drive file directly from their computer. Thus, it reduces the time-consumption that is usually wasted while waiting for synchronization. If the users alter anything then by default it will be saved to the cloud. 

But as like others, it also has some issues that can be solved by using some techniques. Therefore, to know more about these techniques just read this article up to the bottom. These techniques are quite beneficial for users in solving this issue. Users have to just go through these lines carefully so that they can avoid data loss.  So, let’s start the article with these safe techniques to fix “Google drive file stream stopped working on Windows 10”.

Try These Tricks if Google Drive File Stream Not Working

If the Google Drive file stream is not responding then users can try these manual approaches. These are very simple and easy to execute. These are- 

Trick 1. Update the File Streaming Service

This simple technique usually works almost all the time. In this, the user will request for some settings configuration that later makes the syncing to the drive easier. This trick actually helps a lot of people in fixing their Google Drive Sync issues. 

Trick 2. Uninstall the Old Upgrade Version

This type of issue usually occurs if the user has downloaded the recent upgrade from the server. And the version is lacking, or incompatible with the Windows operating system or any other issue. Thus, users should uninstall the previous or earlier version and try to use the latest one. Or, they can eliminate the newer one and use the available version. This trick helps users many times. Once the user completes this process, inspect if the Google Drive file stream related issues have been solved or not.

Trick 3. Examine Internet connection.

In this method, the user should open their computer’s settings window. Then, tap on the “Network and Internet” and see if there are any issues with the network status. If it is yes then, scroll down and tap “Network troubleshooter” to repair it.

Trick 4. Turn off the Windows firewall.

Many users do not know that the Windows Firewall can actually choke software connections. Thus to solve the issue, users should turn-off the Window Firewall.

1. In the Windows search box type “firewall” and choose the option Windows Defender Firewall.

2. Then, tap on the option “Turn Windows Firewall on or off”.

3. Now, on both public and private network setting options tap on “Turn off Windows Firewall”. Then, press OK.

These were the techniques to fix this issue. Users can use the Gmail Backup tool to backup and download Gmail Emails to their PC or an External Hard Drive. This utility is compatible with all the versions of Windows and Mac and also includes the latest version.

Now we know these techniques let’s look at the situations and reasons where we have to use these tricks. 

Common Situations and reasons when Google Drive File Stream Not Working

There are a lot of issues with Google Drive File Stream that usually users suffer while using it. Some common situations are mentioned below- 

  • Frequently getting System Expansion Blocked notification.
  • Takes a longer duration on the login interface and keeps on loading. Thus, one cannot log in to the normal or casual manner.
  • There is a sync issue with Files between the user’s computer and Google My Drive.
  • Getting “Drive File Stream is not enabled for the account” error in the Windows and macOS applications.
  • Problems in compatibility level.
  • Disabling syncing permission.
  • Failure of the Authorization. This makes users unable to view their files.

Now the causes of the above issues are – 

  • Poor Internet connection.
  • Windows firewall blocks application connection.
  • If the user is using an older Google Drive or Google Drive File Stream version and has not updated yet.


These were some of the tips and tricks to solve the issue of Google Drive File Stream Not Working. The rapid introduction of the new technology within a short time makes the situation complex for the users. To deal with these types of “Google drive file stream stopped working” issues, they have to keep themselves updated from time to time. This article is all about the things that one must know if they are stuck in the same situation. If they have any issue then try the alternative tool to view Gmail backup on PC.

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