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How to Connect MS Outlook 2010 to Exchange Server?

This blog will tell you manual methods to connect MS Outlook 2010 to Exchange Server. As there are many users who want to configure Microsoft Outlook 2010 exchange server. Therefore we come across some manual techniques to help them so that they can do it easily. Keep reading this manual guide for better understanding.

Generally, Outlook 2010 consists of Autodiscover feature that requires only an email address and password to automatically configure the mailbox connection. But there are some situations where the Autodiscover feature is not enabled for connection establishment then you have to use the below configuration process.

How to Setting up Autodiscover Exchange 2010 Manually?

Follow the below steps:

  1. Initially, open Start >> Control Panel >> Mail. Then dialog of Mail Setup appears next.
  2. Hit the Show Profiles button. Then dialog of Mail Setup appears next.
  3. Press Add.
  4. Then in the New Profile dialog box, enter a Profile Name and hit OK.
  5. Fill Your Name, E-mail Address and Password fields in the Add New Email Account wizard and hit Next.
  6. Enter your mailbox login [] and password in the Exchange login prompt.

Outlook can try to discover the settings of your mailbox via a secure Internet connection. You might be prompted to allow Outlook to redirect from one (unsecured) to another (secure) site.  If these steps are unable to perform the configuration then follow the next methods.

How to Configure Outlook 2010 Exchange Server Manually?

To configure Microsoft outlook 2010 exchange server. You can use the Outlook 2010 configuration script to log in to your mailbox. Follow the instructions below to download and configure Outlook 2010, using the configuration script. 

Initially, download the configuration script and save it locally. For it, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the Exchange tab, hit the mailbox’s Display name, and under Mailbox Access press View setup info next to “Outlook Access”.
  2. Then a new window pops up with Outlook configuration information. Press the Download Outlook Profile Configuration Script and locally save the file.
  3. Hit on Download Outlook Profile under Advanced Outlook Configuration and locally save it. (Note: Outlook is not in running mode)
  4. To run the downloaded script, double click it and then your Outlook profile will be configured successfully.
  5. If you want to download your Outlook profile, then open Start>>Run and run the following command: 

6. After the opening of the Outlook, enter the Exchange Service configuration parameters in the suitable fields. Follow the next steps to know the parameters.

Steps to Know the Configure Microsoft Outlook 2010 Exchange Server Parameters-

  1. Initially, hit on Start then double-click Control Panel>> press the Mail icon.
  2. Next, a Mail Setup dialog box will appear. Hit the Show Profiles… button.
  3. Press on the Add button from the Mail dialog box to make a new profile.
  4. A New Profile dialog box will pop up next. Enter the email address of your own and hit OK.
  5. Choose Manually configure server settings or additional server types checkbox, and hit the Next button.
  6. Choose the Microsoft Exchange button.
  7. Type your Microsoft Exchange server address. 

(This can be confirmed by loading the account into Outlook Web Access, selecting Options and About, and then copying the address displayed near the bottom following the Mailbox Server Name.

8. Enter the full email address from here in the User Name text box. Hit on More Settings.  

9. Press the Connection tab.

10. Choose the Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP check box, and then hit the Exchange Proxy Settings button.

11. Enter the settings same as shown below, and then press OK >> OK >> Next, and at last press Finish.

12. To ensure that the newly set-up profile has the Always use this profile option button selected, verify the Mail dialog box, and then press OK button.

13. Start Outlook, logging in by entering the full email address and password of the account. If you want Outlook to remember your password choose the Remember my credentials checkbox.

14. Now, this helps in setting up Outlook 2010 for Exchange successfully.

So, these all are the manual approaches to connect MS Outlook 2010 to Exchange Server. Follow these to get good results.


We have discussed all the manual tricks to Connect Microsoft Outlook 2010 to Exchange Server. You can take help from this guide to get better outcomes.

Hopefully, you will understand all the points in this post.

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